Why did Hana One Q hold practice games with men’s college teams three times in the off-season?

Hana 1Q is spending the end of the off-season in a unique way.

On the 13th, Bucheon Hana One Q held a practice game with Kyung Hee University’s basketball team at Hana One Q Cheongna Gymnasium located in Seo-gu, Incheon. The result was Hana One Q’s defeat, 63-87.

It was probably a natural result since it is not easy for female athletes, no matter how professional they are, to surpass the athletic ability of male college athletes.

The women’s basketball team usually holds practice games with domestic boys’ middle or high school teams, or even women’s college teams, unless they are overseas teams such as the Japanese W-League. This is because I believe that playing practice games with adult male college athletes who are different in physique and strength is not very helpful.

But these things are changing little by little. In the first year of Coach Kim Wan-soo’s tenure, KB Stars is conducting unique training by inviting fourth-year students from Konkuk University as training partners and conducting joint training.

Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan explained, “I thought it would be a bit difficult to do it with the same professional team ahead of the season opening. Then I came up with the idea of ​​joint training with male college players.”

The first start was on August 10th. Coach Kim requested about three players from Chung-Ang University, but Chung-Ang University sent Coach Lee Jung-Won and six players for joint training. Although Eom Seo-yi suffered a shoulder injury while playing against Namdae University players, there began to be little changes in the play of Hana One Q players, such as fighting under the goal and handling the ball quickly against college guards with good speed in the front line. .

Coach Kim Do-wan said, “The results of the first attempt were not bad, so I thought it would be a good idea to continue training with Namdae players. I made a request to Kyung Hee University coach Kim Hyun-guk, who happened to be visiting Cheongna to watch a practice game against the Taiwanese power team, and he readily gave permission twice. “It was accomplished,” he said.

Unlike the previous time at Chung-Ang University, a practice match was held against Kyung Hee University in which both teams gave 100% effort. On the 10th, Hana One Q visited Kyunghee University and held a practice game, and on the 13th, the venue was moved to Cheongna, Incheon.

Coach Kim Hyun-guk said, “I have known Hana 1 Q coach Kim Do-wan for a long time, and Coach Kim Ik-gyeom also has a relationship with our school, where he worked as a physical strength coach and helped the players with their physical strength and conditioning. Therefore, there was no reason to reject Hana 1 Q’s request. Our players “I thought playing with female professional players would give me a unique experience and help me prepare for next year’s college league,” she said.

On this day, Hana One Q played with 100% effort for the first time in a while. Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young, who returned from the national team, as well as key members such as Kim Jong-un, Jeong Ye-rim, Kim Anna, and Kim Si-on participated as starting members.

Ji-Hyun Shin recorded 20 points and 5 assists, Jong-Eun Kim had 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, and In-Young Yang had 14 points and 3 rebounds. And all the players played for at most 35 minutes or as little as 26 minutes, focusing on keeping their hands and feet in sync.

Coach Kim Do-wan said, “Until the last game, we used bench members evenly, but this time, since the season is not long left, we tried to increase the playing time of key members in order to improve organizational skills. We lost the game, but regardless, what kind of play did we want?” “I am satisfied that it seems to have been implemented to some extent,” he said.

Kyung Hee University coach Kim Hyun-guk said, “In the last 5th quarter, we tried to do the team play that Hana 1 Q wanted, such as intentionally doing a full-court press centered on the first-year students. I hope it will be good training for the Hana 1 Q players who are about to open the season, and they can call us anytime. “I plan to come if you give it to me,” he said.