Lee Kwan-hee, who suffered from flu, exploded with 21 points, the most in one quarter

Changwon LG unfortunately lost 89-91 in the last game of the Group B preliminary round against Jeonju KCC for the 2023 MG Saemaeul Geumgo KBL Cup held at Gunsan Wolmyeong Gymnasium on the 13th. LG, which fell to second place, will finish the cup competition and begin preparations for the opening of the 2023-2024 season.

LG took the lead by leading 11-2 just 3 minutes after the start of the game, but was unable to stop Heo Woong and allowed them to catch up. In the second quarter, they gave up 35 points, including 13 to Alize DeShawn Johnson, and only scored 14 points, falling behind 35-54.

LG, who lost a goal to Jeon Jun-beom in the early fourth quarter and was 21 points behind at 56-77, did not collapse like this. Lee Kwan-hee, who had been scoreless until the third quarter, started the chase by hitting a three-pointer.

Lee Kwan-hee scored 21 points with five 3-pointers and six free throws in the fourth quarter alone. It was unfortunate that he missed the jumper and breakthrough when he was trailing by 3 points (86-89) at the end of the game, but Lee Kwan-hee set a scoring record that is rarely seen.

The most points scored in a quarter in a cup competition starting in 2020 was Andrew Nicholson’s 19 points (2021.09.16 vs. DB 2Q). The most points scored in one quarter by a domestic player was Jeon Jeon-hyung’s 16 points on the 12th (vs. SK 2Q).

If we expand the scope to the regular league, the most points scored in one quarter by a domestic player, excluding push games, are Moon Kyeong-eun’s 22 points (1998.12.23 vs. SK 2Q) and Cho Seong-won’s 21 points (2001.01.09 vs. Sambo 3rd Q). It follows.

Lee Kwan-hee recently suffered from a severe flu and was unable to properly train. LG held its first cup match on the 11th, later than other teams. Even the day before coming down to Gunsan, it was not possible to decide whether to accompany Lee Kwan-hee, who was sick with the flu.

When Lee Jae-do and Yang Hong-seok were out due to minor injuries, Lee Kwan-hee showed a strong intention to accompany them and left a meaningful record in the cup competition.