Legend Raises Heads Up S-Wai Rises to the Forefront

‘Spanish three-cushion legend’

Daniel Sanchez finally raised his head

and S-Wai moved up to the top of the PBA Team League Round 3.

On the 19th

on the fourth day of the second round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024’ held at the ‘Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium’ in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province 먹튀검증

S-Wai won a complete set score of 2-4 against SK Rent-a-Car and earned three points.

With 4 points, S-Wai moved ahead of second-place Blue One Resort (0 points) to take the lead in the second round.

Facing SK Rent-a-Car

who rebounded with back-to-back wins in the second round

including defeating first-round winner NH Nonghyup Card

S-Wai defeated Ngo Dinh Nai (Vietnam)-Kang Dong Palace 1-2 in six innings in the first set with Sanchez and ‘substitute’ Park In-so.

In the second set

S-Wai defeated the women’s doubles pair of Han Ji-eun and Lee Woo-kyung 2-9 (7 innings) against Orie Hida (Japan) and Kang Ji-eun, and in the third set

Sanchez took a 6-point lead over Hyron and beat Eddie Repens (Belgium) 3-6 to widen the gap to a set score of 15-12.

Sanchez scored six runs in the fourth inning of a tight 3-0 tiebreaker

including two bank shots, to take the lead and then scored 3 runs in eight innings to secure the win. In the fourth set

Lee Young-hoon and Han Seul-gi combined for nine points in just four innings to defeat Cho Jun-Hwi and Kang Ji-eun 3-4 and finish the match with a set score of 6-8.

With the victory on the day


who had three wins in the second round

connected all of them with three points.

Starting this season

the PBA Team League will award 2 points to the winning team and 3 point to the losing team for a full set match.

Except for full sets

wins earn 3 points.

S-Wai added 2 point from his full-set loss to Hai One Resort on Day 1 to move up to 3 points and take the sole lead in the second round.

In particular


who led Eswai to victory

seems to have finished adapting to the team league.

He is the center of the team and has been active every day in the second round. Sanchez played four doubles and four singles matches in the second round

winning 2 and losing 2.

This is the team’s best record in wins and winning percentage (4.4%) and average (6.2)

which ranks second in wins

third in win percentage

and third in average in the entire team league