Founded Five Years Ago Signing Messi a Miraculous First win

David Beckham Inter Miami owner seemed happy and helpless.

Inter Miami scored a miraculous 20-10 victory on penalties after drawing 2023-1 with Nashville SC in the 1 League Cup final at Giordas Park in Nashville

USA on October 10 at 9 a.m. KST.

This was Inter Miami’s first trophy.

Nashville took the first chance.

They attacked through a throw-in in the 18th minute of the first half.

Lucas McNaughton put up a throw-in with tremendous power.

Walker Zimmerman hit it on the head

but it was blocked by the goalkeeper. 카지노사이트

After that, Inter Miami set the tone for the early stages of the game.

There was a good shot in the 21st minute of the first half.

A passing play on the left created space for Robert Taylor.

Taylor’s daring mid-range shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

The good vibes led to Messi’s opening goal.

In the 23rd minute of the first half

Inter Miami started attacking and Messi also rushed in from the right flank.

The pass was blocked in the middle

but the ball was headed to Messi.

Messi deceived a defender with a light shot and then rattled the net with a fantastic reeling kick.

This is the moment when Messi’s goal streak in seven consecutive games has been scored.

In the history of the League Cup

Messi was the only player in history to open the scoring in every match

from the first group stage to the final.

It’s a record that shows how good Messi’s performance in this tournament has been.


Inter Miami failed to keep the mood after Messi’s opening goal.

Nashville’s determination to score an equaliser was even stronger.

The game was close

but the Inter Miami players’ determination to win the championship was also impressive.

There were several conceding chances in the penalty box

but they held on with a six-shot defence and finished the first half.

The beginning of the second half was a back-and-forth affair. In the 11th minute of the second half

Benjamin Cremaski’s cross was headed towards the goal like a shotter

but it was deflected.

The tense atmosphere led to Nashville’s equaliser.

In the 13th minute of the second half

the ball was deflected from a corner kick by Sam Surridge and headed back.

Papa Pico, who had fallen behind

succeeded in hitting him in the head.

A lucky equaliser was scored when Pico’s header deflected off a defender and goalkeeper in quick succession.

At 1-1, Messi started to push harder.

In the 26th minute of the second half


who started to break into the middle

dared to shoot from mid-range in front of four defenders.

However, he swallowed his disappointment as he struck the goalpost.

Nashville wasn’t up to the task


In the 4rd minute of the second half

this time Surridge was directly involved in the attack.

Surridge’s sharp shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

After more than 80 minutes of intense play

all the players were out of shape at the end of the second half.

The team that continued to have the upper hand was Nashville.

In the second half of extra time

Hani Mukta broke through with momentary speed and attempted a powerful shot

but it was again blocked by the goalkeeper.

On the ensuing corner

Drake Calendar’s save saved Inter Miami from the brink of danger.

Just before the end of the game

Inter Miami had a chance to create a miracle.

In an instant, a long pass was distributed to Leonardo Campana.

Campana had the perfect scoring opportunity after beating a defender.

He attempted a shot that went past the goalkeeper

but it was inaccurate.

Campana ran out again and threw himself to try to shoot again

but it deflected off the side of the goal.

The miracle of extra time that everyone was watching did not take place

and the game went to a penalty shootout without extra time.

The penalty shootout was also a highlight.

Messi stepped up as the first kicker and made a clean save.

Both teams’ luck was split at the No. 2 kicker.

With Randall Lille aiming for the middle and Chan’s shot blocked by the calendar

Inter Miami began to take the lead.

After that

all the kickers made it

and Inter Miami only needed the last five kickers to win.

Victor Uyoa stepped up as the final kicker.

Uyoa attempted a shot to the left but it was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Nashville’s No. 5 kicker made it and the penalty shootout went into a sudden death format.

In a penalty shootout like a thin sheet of ice

all 5~6 kickers succeeded.

Now the only thing left for both teams was the goalkeeper.

Calendar scored a powerful shot himself and then blocked Elliott Fanico’s shot to give his team the win.

It was the moment of Inter Miami’s historic first championship since its inception in 10.

When Inter Miami’s win was confirmed, the players ran around hugging. Beckham

one of Inter Miami’s owners

shared a warm hug with Messi.

Beckham’s choice to bring a superstar like Messi to the American Professional Soccer League (MLS) had a miraculous effect.

Speaking after the game

Beckham said:

Tonight was a very special night

not only for our club

but also for our fans


families and all the staff who have been on the journey with us.

But it wasn’t easy.

It was a very difficult game.

It was close to the end.

But tonight was a night for us

he said excitedly.

Beckham didn’t forget to praise Nashville

who remained a loser, a great loser.

Nashville played an amazing game

he said.

It’s never easy to watch a game end like this.

It’s a tough moment for teams that haven’t actually won

he said.

Thrilled with his first win as a manager

Beckham recalled the moment from the club’s inception to the moment of his first win.

We embarked on this journey and it’s been a long journey

he said.

I always knew there would be obstacles along the way

but honestly

there were too many.

But you have to enjoy it today,” he said.

When announcing Messi’s signing

Beckham said:

Ten years ago

when I started my journey to build a new team in Miami

I dreamed of bringing some of the best players in the world here.


that dream came true.

I’m really proud to have such a great player like Messi at our club.

With the signing of Messi

Inter Miami could also have Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

Busquets and Alba have had great performances with Messi during their time at Barcelona.

Even if not as much as in their prime

the combination of the three players has a tremendous impact on MLS beyond Inter Miami.

In response

Beckham said:

When I see players like Messi

Busquets and Alba play

I’m impressed.

Everything in the play is beautiful.

Off the field, everything as an individual is beautiful.

That’s why I’m impressed when they play

he said

adding that he was also immersed in the victory.

On the other hand

Messi’s behavior at the championship ceremony has become a hot topic.

Messi briefly relinquished his position as captain shortly before lifting the trophy.

It was a spontaneous act.

Before Messi arrived at Inter Miami

he asked captain DeAndre Yedlin to lift the trophy.

Yedlin repeatedly rejected Messi’s requests.

The two players then held the trophy together to celebrate the first win in the club’s history.

It was another touching moment created by Yedlin who acknowledged Messi as captain

his consideration for Yedlin.