‘Curling on the grass’ lawn ball, everyone challenges for a medal

‘Curling on the grass’ lawn ball, everyone challenges for a medal with delicate power control

The target is also spherical… Targets can also be moved, requiring advanced game strategy.

About 35m ahead. A barely visible white jack (target ball) about 6cm in diameter is placed on the white center line.

Lee Mi-jeong (Sports Grade B6, Gyeonggi Provincial Lawnball Federation for the Disabled), a national lawnball player who participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games, checked Jack’s location and prepared to roll the ball by placing her wheelchair partially on the mat at the starting position.

You must delicately control your strength to bring your ball as close as possible to the jack on the other side. 토토사이트

Powerfully roll a ball with a diameter of about 12 cm and a weight of about 1.5 kg on the grass.

The ball that left Lee Mi-jeong’s hand rolled along a rink about 5 meters wide and 40 meters long and seemed to pass Jack in a straight line, but then turned and flowed toward Jack.

The ball is made relatively heavy on one side and relatively light on the other, and has a slightly flat shape as if force was applied from the top and bottom of the ball.

As the forward force decreases, the influence of the rotational force due to the center of gravity becomes stronger, and the path gradually curves.

It starts rolling.

Lee Mi-jeong defeated India’s Devi Nirmala 21-3 in about 1 hour and 45 minutes in the first match of the lawnball preliminary group stage held at the Wenhui School Lawnball Stadium in Hangzhou, China on the 21st.

Despite the unfavorable conditions, such as the turf being slipperier than expected and less spin due to the texture of the artificial turf, I created a big end in which I scored 4 points in the 1st, 6th, and 9th ends, widening the gap significantly.

‘Lawnball’, a sport unfamiliar to most people, can be understood as curling on grass.

A total of 4 balls (singles) are thrown in each end, and the number of balls that are closer to the jack than the opponent’s ball counts as a score.

The game ends when the game time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes runs out, or when one player scores 21 points first.

Balls that fall into the ditch at the end of the rink or go beyond the boundaries on either side of the rink are invalid, so you must carefully calculate how much spin to give.

However, while curling is a game in which the target called ‘house’ is fixed, the jack in lawn ball is a ball-shaped target called ‘sphere‘, so when it is hit by the ball thrown by the players, the target also moves.

It is more complicated than curling and has more points to consider in that if the target moves, the force of rolling the ball must be adjusted again and the game management strategy modified.

Jack also has the advantage of going first, unlike curling, where going second is absolutely advantageous because the player who scored the score in the previous end can roll it directly and put it in the desired position to develop and lead the game strategy in a way that is advantageous to him.

He constantly thinks about how to play the game, such as whether to unconditionally hit the ball to the jack or implement a strategy to block the opponent’s path, and carefully hits the ball with a high degree of concentration and fine force control according to the plan he has established.

It is also a static sport in that you have to roll.

Lawnball, which is not included in the official Paralympic Games, is a valued guest of the Asian Para Games every four years.

The Korean team will participate in 9 events in the lawn bowl competition and aim for at least 7 gold medals.

Including Lee Mi-jeong, Song Myeong-jun (Sports Class B7, Jeonnam Disabled Lawnball Federation), Ji Il-ju (Sports Class B7, Busan Disabled Lawnball Federation), Jeong Jaehong (Sports Class B8, Gwangju Disabled Lawnball Federation), and Kim Seung-hee (Sports Class B8, Jeonbuk Disabled Lawnball Federation) ) announced a fresh start by winning the first match of the preliminary group stage.