Lee Mi-jeong, who started lawn bowling thanks to her husband

Lee Mi-jeong, who started lawn bowling thanks to her husband, said, “Even my husband, who couldn’t come to AG, won a gold medal”

Despite the 21-3 landslide victory, “the performance was disappointing”… Prediction of perfect performance.

“I started playing lawn bowls thanks to my husband, but he hasn’t been to the Asian Games.

I have to win a gold medal for him as well. Haha.” 온라인카지노사이트

On the morning of the 21st, when the first round of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games Lawnball Preliminary Group Stage began, preliminaries were held non-stop at each of the 16 rinks provided on two greens at the Wenhui School Lawnball Stadium in Hangzhou, China.

Lee Mi-jeong, the national lawnball player (sport grade B6, Gyeonggi Provincial Disabled Lawnball Federation), finished the game by overwhelming India’s Devi Nirmala 21-3 in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Lee Mi-jeong, who took 4 points from the 1st end, gradually accumulated points and widened the gap by creating a ‘big end’ where she won 4 points in the 6th and 9th ends, and added 1 point in the 12th end to complete 21 points.

In lawn ball, the player who scored in the previous end rolls a white jack (jack) in the next end, sets the target at the desired location, and starts the attack first.

Lee Mi-jeong scored in almost every end on this day and led every end. did.

As Lee Mi-jeong continued to position the jack relatively behind, India’s Nirmala had difficulty controlling her strength, such as rolling the ball hard and dropping it into the ditch at the end of the rink or placing her ball far away from the jack.

On the other hand, Mi-jeong Lee sometimes kept the ball close to Jack, and sometimes hid the ball behind Jack so that she could maintain the first position even if Jack moved.

Lee Mi-jeong, who ended the first game early by scoring big scores in a row, met with reporters after the game and said, “I couldn’t control my strength at all,” and “It was a very disappointing game.

“My skills are not very good,” he sighed.

Lee Mi-jeong said, “I couldn’t control my strength at all.

“You need to give it spin, but sometimes the ball hit the goal on the artificial turf and didn’t spin, so it just went straight out, and the grass was very slippery,” she said.

Mi-jeong Lee said, “Given that all players are in the same situation, it is important to see who can adapt the fastest,” and said, “I was so nervous that my heart was pounding, my hands were shaking, and I was going crazy,” and expressed her feelings about playing the first game.

Lee Woo-myeong, coach of the national lawnball team, also encouraged the team, saying, “We won the game, but Lee Mi-jeong’s skills were not fully demonstrated.

She will do better in the future.”

Born in 1968, Lee Mi-jeong’s ‘disabled birthday’ is January 27, 1989.

At the age of 21, she underwent surgery for a spinal infection. She was told that the surgery went well, but instead she developed nerve problems during the surgery and was left paralyzed from the waist down. do.

Now that she is in a wheelchair, Lee Mi-jeong closes the door and builds a wall from her world.

Lee Mi-jeong, who said, “I thought I was a person who couldn’t do anything and had to stay at home,” started playing lawn ball at the recommendation of her husband, Shim Jeong-sik (Sport Class B7, Siheung City Lawnball Federation for the Disabled), who was a former lawnball player.

She began to have the courage to live her life again.

Shim Jeong-sik is a top domestic player who took first place in both men’s singles and doubles at the 2019 Malaysia Lawnball Asia Championships.

Lee Mi-jeong, who was selected as a member of the national team and came to Hangzhou this year thanks to the Hangzhou Asian Para Games being postponed for a year, said, “My husband often represented the national team, but he was always eliminated from the Asian Games selection competition,” and added, “He did his part in this competition.

“They told me to come.

I want to win a gold medal,” he said with a bright smile.

Coach Lee Woo-myeong also added his strength, saying, “We expect seven gold medals out of the nine events in which our athletes participate,” adding, “The biggest goal is for all athletes to win medals.”