The courage gained through boccia… Seo Min-gyu

The courage gained through boccia… Seo Min-gyu “I’m meeting the world’s best, but I don’t know the outcome”

Youngest member of the Korean team in boccia at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

Even though he had to face a world-class powerhouse from the beginning, Seo Min-gyu (18, Ansan Myeonghye School) did not lose his courage.

Kim Eun-hee, his mother who works with her son as a living assistant, also believes in her son Seo Min-gyu.

Seo Min-gyu, who will compete as the youngest member of the boccia national team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games, said in an interview at the Hangzhou Gymnasium in Zhejiang Province, China on the 21st, “We will play two individual preliminary matches on the 23rd, and both opponents are the best in the world,” and “We must win at least one match to advance to 8th place.” 온라인카지노

“We can go to the river.

We will treat both games like the finals,” he said.

Boccia is a game created for people with motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, and is similar to the winter sport curling.

The more balls you throw closer to the 12.5m x 6m white target ball thrown on the floor, the more points you receive.

You can throw the ball by hand, or use game equipment such as a gutter.

Seo Min-gyu has a BC2 rating and throws the ball directly without a partner.

The opponents in the preliminary round of the Hangzhou competition are Saegampa Waraut (31, Thailand) and Yan Zichang (36, China).

Waraut is a gold medalist at the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Yan Zichang won two silver and one bronze medal at the London and Rio Paralympic Games.

It is a tough opponent for Seo Min-gyu, a ‘newbie to international competitions’ who is participating in his third international competition and first overall competition.

However, Seo Min-gyu said, “I’m going to meet him anyway, so you can see that I met him a little early.

Even if I’m a little behind in terms of strength, I think the younger me is better in terms of accuracy.”

Her mother, Eunhee Kim, personally filmed the preliminaries of the War Laut-Yenzi Chang.

Mr. Kim delivered a positive message, saying, “I will watch the video for two days and analyze it thoroughly.”

He added, “I think it is worth a try after seeing it in person rather than watching it through videos in the past.”

Seo Min-gyu, who is considered one of the top four players, said, “All matches are unpredictable because you don’t know where the ball will land.”

Boccia balls weigh about 275g and easily scatter when they hit each other.

Seo Min-gyu was introduced to boccia at the recommendation of his special class teacher when he was in the first grade of elementary school.

When he was nine years old, he competed in his first national athletic meet for disabled students, and from the fifth grade of elementary school, he competed in adult competitions.

He supported Kim Eun-hee by watching over her son, who was born with a brain lesion.

Seo Min-gyu said, “As I play boccia, I meet many people in the wide world and expand my relationships.

I enjoy life as an athlete.”

He also has the desire to stand at a high level as a boccia player.

Seo Min-gyu said, “I will challenge for double gold medals in the individual and team events at the Hangzhou Asian Games,” and added, “It is also my dream to stand on the podium at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games.”