Two losses in a row, sixth place. But there is good news. “Yang Yang-ji at catcher, Jung Chul-bin in center field. I’m hopeful.” But what about Chung?

The Bears dropped to sixth place after suffering back-to-back upset losses to SSG Landers, 토토사이트 but the coach expressed hope.

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop expressed hope that his best players would be able to play normally before the rain-canceled game against Jamsil LG on the 29th.

Doosan lined up with Jung Soo-bin (center fielder), Kim Jae-ho (shortstop), Rojas (designated hitter), Yang Ji (catcher), Yang Seok-hwan (first baseman), Kim Jae-hwan (left fielder), Kang Seung-ho (second baseman), Heo Kyung-min (third baseman), and Cho Su-hyun (right fielder).

Jung Soo-bin, who has been hitting well lately but has been sidelined with a sore thigh, started in center field as usual, and Yang Ji Hyun, who has been playing only as a designated hitter or pinch-hitter since returning from injury, finally put on a catcher’s mask. Jose Rojas, who has been playing left and right field nonstop lately, was able to manage his fitness as a designated hitter today as the injured players returned to normal defense.

“There’s nowhere to go from here,” Lee said. “We had some problems in the bullpen on Saturday and Sunday, and we lost a couple of close games, so it was a bit of a downer, but there’s a silver lining.”

“Kim Jae-ho continues to perform well, Yang Yang-ji is playing normally with a catcher’s mask, and Jeong Soo-bin is also playing in the first and middle infield, which is good news,” Lee said, “We were in a bad mood, but with a day off and a fresh mind, we can do it again.”

Lee still had faith in the bullpen. “Our pitchers have been so good so far,” Lee said. You can’t judge our relief staff based on one or two games,” Lee said, adding, “Of course I believe in them. And now, of course, they are tired. But you have to make do with what you have. I think we’ll be able to recharge with yesterday and today (rainout). The pitchers in the second half are really important, so I think we need to take care of them a little bit more.”

He also had faith in closer Chung Chul-won. When asked if he was struggling under pressure after moving to the closer’s role, Lee said, “He’s too mentally strong,” and added, “There’s a slight difference in his pitching form from when he was good. I think we’ve found the problem, so we’ll have to wait and see.” But he’s not just looking at Chung Chul-won. “For now, I’ve decided to use him for the ninth inning, but if he’s not feeling well and his failures continue to increase, I think I’ll have to look a little broader,” Lee said.