‘I’m over my Lotte days’: One thing the returning coach emphasized after eight years

He took over as manager of the first team in the 2015 season and left after just one year. Then, after eight years, he turned around and took the helm of the Lotte Giants. 온라인카지노 This is the story of acting manager Lee Jong-woon.

Lee Jong-woon was responsible for the Giants’ poor performance in 2015, when they went 66-1, 77-0 (.462) in 144 games and finished eighth out of 10 clubs. He was fired within a year.

That seemed to be the end of his coaching career, but three years later, in 2018, he returned to the field as the head coach of the SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) rookie team, and in 2019 and 2020, he was SK’s second team coach.

He spent the next two years floating around in no capacity before returning this season as Lotte’s second team coach.

It’s been a tumultuous four months. First, he was unexpectedly named head coach of the first team in June, and now he is acting head coach following the resignation of Larry Sutton.

Lee Jong-woon was scheduled to take over the team on July 29. He will coach the remaining 36 games.

The situation is different from eight years ago. This time, he’s not the head coach, he’s the acting head coach.

He hasn’t been in charge of the team since the beginning, but only for a short time at the end of the season.

What’s more, the team is in a bad mood. The team has lost seven games in a row. Lee Jong-woon’s immediate task is to end the losing streak.

When asked if he would be able to lead the team because of his experience, Lee said, “I’m a novice coach. A lot of time has passed. The first goal is to end the losing streak. I don’t think it means much that I’ve managed before. I will focus on ending the losing streak and rebounding the atmosphere,” he emphasized.

“I think there are still enough games left. The players will feel the responsibility. For the sake of the fans, we will do our best to show a good performance, one game at a time.”