The volleyball prodigy who ‘scored a personal best and broke a six-game losing streak’ says “(Lee) Yoon Jung-jeong’s toss was so good”

‘Volleyball prodigy’ Bae Yoo-na (Korea Expressway Corporation) scored the most points in a single game and ended a six-game losing streak.

Korea Express defeated second-place Heungkuk Life 3-2 in the women’s 2023-2024 V-League on Sunday at Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium. Having faced Heungkuk twice this season and suffered defeats on both occasions, KDOT was desperate for a win and delivered a thrilling victory.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done an interview,” said Bae Yuna as she entered the official interview room. It’s the first time since the championship match,” she said with a big smile before adding, 바카라사이트 “I didn’t realize I had scored 25 points. I thought it was 18 or 19 points. I was surprised when I realized it was 25 points right after the match.”

“I thought I had a good attacking rhythm today, and I told (Lee) Yoon Jung-jeong that she could give me a lot. I said, ‘No, I want it outright. Her toss was so good that I scored the runs I thought I would and it gave me a lot of confidence. I’m even happier that the team won today and I reached my personal best,” she added.

Bae Yoo-na added, “The losing streak has been long and everyone has been struggling. We have been playing a lot of close games, but we haven’t been finishing well. Today, we were able to finish well and win. We will work together with the players to play winning volleyball.”

After breaking a six-game losing streak, Korea Expressway Corporation will meet Pepper Savings Bank on April 22. Bae Yuna said, “I hope we can rebound from today’s win. I will keep the good mood and try to win the next match,” she said.

Setter Lee Yoon-jung said, “I’ve been talking to Yuna a lot, and I’m glad it went well today. I’m grateful to her for playing so well.”

“I also felt a lot of responsibility and stress as a setter as the losing streak got longer. Whenever that happened, the coach and my sisters said a lot of good things. I tried to think of different ways to solve the problem, and I’m glad I won today,” she smiled.

Coach Kim Jong-min has high expectations for Lee Yoon-jung. He tends to give her more criticism than praise. “He always expects a lot from me, so he scolds me more. I used to get scolded a lot and lose confidence and feel shy, but the other day he said, ‘Do whatever you want to do.’ Since then, I’ve regained my confidence and regained my rhythm.”

“I think I’m getting better and better,” said Lee, who had to take a break after suffering an unexpected injury before the start of the tournament.