Coach Tommy’s words. ‘Four consecutive unified titles’ is the goal of the squad

“He told me to be patient and wait for the opportunity to come.”

It was an overwhelming victory. The ball was flowing freely from Han’s fingertips, from fast breaks to open left and right to the pipe. The opponent was literally helpless.

Korean Air completed a 3-0 shutout victory over Hyundai Capital in the Dodram 2023-2024 season at 토토사이트 Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Sunday. The first set was a watershed moment, as the team came back from 18-23 down. Sets two and three were a one-sided slaughter.

Korean Air head coach Tommi Tilikainen is one of those coaches who doesn’t necessarily call game time, but is constantly on the sidelines, running, yelling, and breathing with his players throughout the match. “Throughout the first set, I kept telling them, ‘This is not the time. Be patient and wait for your chance,’ and that came at the end,” he smiles.

Especially when the reception was stabilized, Han’s phenomenal game management, pushing, pulling, tricking, and pulling, shone through.

“There are many players in Korea who have the same potential as Han,” Tilikainen said, “but Han has a lot of confidence. He doesn’t care if he makes a mistake,” he added. He also praised Han’s game management, saying, “She was very good.”

As for Mark Espejo, who scored 16 points, including two service aces, for his second consecutive match in double figures, “I told him after the game, ‘You can do better. I want to show more,'” he laughed.

“He has higher expectations for himself than I do. He sets high goals and pushes himself. She’s quick to recognize what she did wrong and what she needs to work on. She’s been working really hard to adapt to our style of volleyball.”

“Even when we win, we look at what we need to work on and what we need to do better. But today was good overall. All of our players played well.”