The Hanwha Eagles have begun their spring training

The Hanwha Eagles have begun their spring training with the first blue-and-white game of the season.

Hanwha held its first five-inning blue-and-white game 13 days after the start of the “2024 Spring Camp. After a morning training session, the Hanwha Eagles divided into white and orange teams from 1 p.m. and played innings according to the pitcher’s pitch count.”

Starting for the white team, Lee Tae-yang, Park Sang-won, Kim Bum-soo, Kim Kyu-yeon, and Jung Yi-hwang pitched one inning each, while for the orange team, Kim Min-woo, Lee Min-woo, Jang Min-jae, Lee Sang-kyu, and Yoon Dae-kyung pitched one inning each.

At the plate, Kim In-hwan (3 runs), Moon Hyun-bin (2 runs), Kim Kang-min (2 runs), and Noh Si-hwan (2 runs) each had a home run to showcase their hitting skills. New foreign hitter Jonathan Peraza also had a strong showing, with two hits – a double and a single – and a stolen base.

“We started the process of gradually enhancing the practical sense with a five-inning blue-black game instead of live pitching and live batting,” said Choi Won-ho, explaining the significance of the blue-black game. “In the blue-black game, the pitchers faced the batters directly, while the batters focused on checking their batting senses.” 카지노사이트 “From now on, we plan to focus on practice-oriented training, with a focus on improving our batting sensation, leading up to the two practice games against the Australian national team and the exhibition game,” he added.

The KBO is undergoing major changes this season.

The league is introducing a number of new rules, including the pitch clock, ABS (Automatic Ball Judgment), expanded bases, limited pitching, and limited defensive shifts. The KBO was the first league in the world to introduce ABS to its first division, and PitchClock was first implemented in Major League Baseball last year, so the KBO decided to follow suit. Pitch Clock and pitcher control restrictions will be piloted in the first half of the season before being implemented in the second half.

Pitch clocks are a big topic of conversation in KBO spring training this year. It’s a rule that directly affects pitchers’ pitching balance. In the major leagues, 메이저 토토사이트 many pitchers have experienced trial and error early in the season. In preparation for this change, Hanwha installed a pitch clock at the Cheongbaeik Stadium to check the pitchers’ pitching tempo.