LG’s new closer Yoo Young-chan to fill Ko Woo-seok’s shoes

The LG Twins have selected Yoo Young-chan as their new closer after losing Ko Woo-seok (San Diego Padres) to the Major League Baseball (MLB). Yoo has set a goal of 30 saves this season, which is the most common number for a top-notch closer.

LG, which won the division title last year, parted ways with closer Ko Woo-seok last month. After five seasons as the team’s closer, Go Woo-seok signed with San Diego and will start taking the MLB mound this year.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop quickly found a replacement for Go Woo-seok, who had a successful rookie season last year, and identified Yoo Young-chan as the new closer.

Yoo made his professional debut with a chance to pitch in the opening game of the season and was a regular on the mound for the first team. 안전놀이터 After proving his competitiveness, Yoo became a full-time member of the staff in May and contributed to the team’s victories.

In 67 appearances, he posted a 6-3 record, one save, 12 holds, and a 3.44 ERA.

“I thought about the 2024 season, but I didn’t expect to be a closer,” Yoo told reporters. I was nervous and excited when I heard about the closing role,” but he emphasized that “spring training is more important than the position, and I need to stay healthy.”

Yoo Young-chan pitched impressively last year with the help of a seasoned lead from catcher Park Dong-won. This year, it’s important to stay in sync with the battery. “There’s nothing different from last year. (Park) Dong-won told me, ‘Do the same as last year,’ so that’s what I’m going to do.”

A strong heart and a poker face that doesn’t show emotion, even in crisis situations, are often cited as essential requirements for a closer. 카지노사이트 추천 Yoo wants to be bold in the closer’s role, too.

“You can expect a dignified appearance. I’m confident in my poker face,” he said, adding, “I hope good results will follow.”

For his first closing assignment, Yoo didn’t hesitate to reveal the number of saves he’s aiming for. “It’s not in my control, but I want to get 30 saves,” he said. “It’s most important that I do well from the beginning of the season and take over the closer role until the end.”