Russia deems Norway an unfriendly state; Norway skepticism.

Russia has added Norway to its list of unfriendly countries, Russian news outlets report.

On March 3, the Russian government added Norway to a list of countries taking unfriendly measures against Russian diplomatic and consular missions abroad, according to Tass, Sputnik, and others.

The move limits the number of Norwegian diplomatic and consular personnel who can be stationed in Russia to 27, the outlets said.

The unfriendly designation comes against a backdrop of diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

In April of this year, Norway expelled 15 Russian diplomats on espionage charges; at the time, Norwegian authorities said the diplomats were intelligence agents who had disguised their identities.

However, Russia responded with what it called an “extremely unfriendly move” and recalled 10 of its diplomats.

In response to the unfriendly designation, Norwegian Foreign Minister Aniken Wurtfeldt told local media that the decision was “unfounded, but not surprising.”

“As neighbors, 먹튀검증토토사이트 both countries are interested in maintaining diplomatic relations and channels of contact,” she said.