Amnesty International reports Sudan’s widespread sexual violence and civil war.

In the African nation of Sudan, where warlords have been battling for months over control of the country’s government, an investigation has found that a wide range of crimes have been committed, including attacks on civilians and sexual violence.

Amnesty International (AI) released a 56-page report on Sudan’s civil war, noting that deliberate and indiscriminate attacks by belligerents have resulted in massive civilian casualties, with many civilians caught in the crossfire as both sides frequently launch attacks on densely populated residential areas.

They also reported that dozens of girls, including a 12-year-old, were sexually assaulted, with some held for days as sex slaves in the capital Khartoum and western Darfur.

Witnesses mostly described the perpetrators as fighters from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) or Arab militias, the report added.

Amnesty International relayed the report’s findings to the belligerents, the government and the RSF, but both sides said they were upholding international law and that the other side was violating it.

Based on the report’s findings, Amnesty International recommended to the UN Security Council that the arms embargo on the Darfur region should be extended to all of Sudan, 카지노사이트킴 adding that the international community should increase humanitarian aid to Sudan and that neighboring countries should ensure that their borders remain open for the safety of those displaced.