Ogino steadfast in reducing errors “You’re thinking, ‘I can’t serve like this'”

OK Financial Group head coach Massage Ogino expressed his satisfaction with the result.

OK Financial Group, led by coach Ogino, won the men’s Dodram 2023-2024 V League match against KB Insurance 3-2 (19-25 25-23 17-25 25-22 25-20) in straight sets at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do on Thursday.

OK Financial Group got off to a good start with two straight wins to open the season.

After the match, Coach Ogino said, “It was a hard-fought match that went to five sets. We are confident in our physical strength. Our performance didn’t drop until the end. I was fortunate to win the fourth set, and I played well in the fifth set with that momentum. I analyzed my opponent’s patterns and played a good game,” she said. “I tried to play different combinations and not rely on Leo. I think he did a good job, but volleyball is a set sport. We lost the third set, but we thought we could win the fourth set.”

In the match, OK Financial Group committed 17 errors. This was much less than their opponent’s 30. Coach Ogino said, “We’re connecting without attacking all or nothing. We are reducing our attacking errors a lot now. The serving errors are a waste. We are preparing our blocking system well. We can’t run the blocking system when we make mistakes with our serve. If I make back-to-back unforced errors, my mood drops. I think it’s better to give the ball to my opponent and start with a chance ball. You think, “I shouldn’t be serving like this,” but it’s all on my instructions. She’s showing some good things. In Japan, some teams have 25 to 27 unforced errors. It’s to put in a strong serve and get a sideout, but we do it the other way around. I think it’s better to not take 먹튀검증 serve risks and put pressure on the opponent through blocking and digging. It’s a tactic we use because we think it’s right for the team right now,” he elaborated.

OK Financial Group’s next opponent is Samsung Fire. Coach Ogino said, “I think Samsung Fire is a good team. They have players with good individual abilities. We will try to win as a team. The whole team will play with a challenging mindset.”