Leo 29 points OK Financial Group wins full-set thriller over KB Insurance

Men’s professional volleyball OK Financial Group has won two straight matches to open the season. OK Financial Group won 3-2 (19-25 25-23 17-25 25-20 15-11) in a full-set match against KB Insurance at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on Thursday.

OK Financial Group improved to 2 wins (5 points). The team reversed the situation after losing both matches to KEPCO in Anbang on April 20. KB Insurance, on the other hand, has lost two in a row after winning its first game of the season against KEPCO (3-2). They are now 1-2-2 (3 points).

Leo “Jupo” (Cuba) did his part with a team-high 29 points. Asian Quarter (AQ) selection Bayarsaihan (Mongolia) added 11 points, while Park Seung-soo and Chae-hwan Chae added nine points apiece.

KB Insurance had a strong performance from its offensive trio, but it was overshadowed by the team’s loss. Villena (Spain) scored a team-high 34 points, while Hwang Kyung-min and Hankook Min added 20 and 15 points, respectively. Choi Yo-han followed suit with eight points, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win.

KB Insurance dominated the first set, with Bijena leading the offense with nine points, including one block and one service ace, while Hwang Kyung-min and Hankook Min added four points each.

OK Financial Group bounced back to even the score in the second set. The teams exchanged points in the set, and with OK Financial Group leading 23-22 late in the set, Leo’s backhanded attack saved set point at 24-23.

KB Insurance responded with a point from Korean Min to make it 23-24, but OK Financial Group laughed off a spike from Leo on the next rally.

KB Insurance regained the lead in the third set. Led by Bijena and Hwang Kyung-min, they took the lead in the middle of the set. However, OK Financial Group was persistent. Song Hee-chae, who took the court for the set after being replaced by Chae-hwan alongside Leo, performed like an Altaoran to take the set.

KB Insurance suffered a setback in the fourth set. The match went to a fifth and deciding set.

After a 7-6 deficit, OK Financial Group scored four straight points to take an 11-6 lead on a Bumshil kill, an open attack by Leo, and an interception by Bayarsayhan and Leo.

KB Insurance tied the score late in the set with a spike from Bijena and an attack error from Leo, but OK Financial Group got a quick opener from Song 토토사이트 Hee-chae at 14-11 to seal the match. Leo added seven second-chance points on the night to become the second player in V-League Men’s history to reach 1,700 second-chance points after Park Chul-woo (KEPCO).

OK Financial Group will play Samsung Fire at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on Nov. 27 and KB Insurance will play Korean Air on Nov. 28 at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon for their third and fourth games of the season, respectively.