ML’s ‘Gold Crust’ Glove, reserved for the best, is now available to Kim Ha Sung

It was the 12th of last month. A small event was held in New York City. It was organized by baseball equipment manufacturer Rollins. The star of the show was Nathaniel Lowe, 28, a first baseman for the Texas Rangers who had just won his first Gold Glove a few days earlier.

He posed for a photo and was presented with a gift, which he unboxed on the spot. Inside the beautifully wrapped package is a black first baseman’s mitt. However, there’s a special feature that sets it apart from other gloves. It’s the design on the back of the hand. It’s a large, colorful gold patch. The stitching is also finished with gold leaf.

The Major League Baseball Gold Glove (GG) was created by Rawlings in 1957, which means that the company sponsors the award and presents the winner with a specially made product. Like the one given to Lowe, it’s a specialty product with a gold foil patch with the “Rawlings” logo.

It becomes a badge of honor for the winner.

Such is the case with San Diego Padres’ Ha Sung Kim, 28. At a press conference after returning home last month. He shared his thoughts on winning the Gold Glove.

“Last year, I was a finalist, but I didn’t win. This year, I was sleeping at home when the award ceremony happened. My phone vibrated so loudly that I looked up and saw that I had won. Later, I saw the award on YouTube. I think my heart would have skipped a beat.”

As he recounts the emotional moment, 온라인카지노 he doesn’t forget one thing. The anticipation of the special glove.

“The Gold Glove winner receives a special patch from Rollings, the organizers. “I was jealous because Manny Machado, who I’ve always been close to, had one. You can’t buy them, so I thought, “One day I want to win a Gold Glove and get a gold patch.”

It’s like a gold medal for the best defender.

The rules for the original glove are pretty strict. There are clear restrictions on color and design. They can’t interfere with the batter’s line of sight, and they can’t send inappropriate or unnecessary messages.

One example is the case of Ryu Hyun-jin.

In 2013, he was preparing for his first season with the Dodgers. He had a new pair of black gloves made with a flag emblazoned on them. It wasn’t a big deal, just the size of a finger. The idea, of course, was to thank the fans back home for their support. But the plan fell through. Major League Baseball’s rules prohibit players from wearing other countries’ flags.

But Rawlings’ gold patch is different. For one thing, the Gold Glove is an official title of Major League Baseball. It’s a sponsored event. You shouldn’t run into any trouble with the commissioner’s office.

But there was one thing to consider. Kim is currently wearing a non-Rollings glove. They are made by World Pegasus, a high-end Japanese brand. Presumably, there is a separate equipment contract, the details of which have not been disclosed. This could determine whether or not the ‘golden’ glove will ever see the light of day.