‘Lee Kang-in wears it’ PSG 24-25 home jersey leaked…bringing back the ‘red stripe’ tradition

Paris Saint-Germain’s home kit for the 2024-25 season has been leaked.

Football equipment outlet Footy Headlines reported on Wednesday (June 23) that “details of Paris Saint-Germain’s 2024-25 home kit have been revealed for the first time. The photos are of the actual design, which returns to the club’s classic este. The last home kit to feature the classic este was the 2020-21 home kit.”

“The Este shirt is a legendary symbol of Paris Saint-Germain’s history and identity. Designed by fashion icon Daniel Estée, the jersey was inspired by the Mustang car and the colors of Ajax. Nike added a delicate brushed effect to the Este kit to give it a painted look.”

Finally, “The este returns after the club’s Ultras protested against the non-traditional PSG home kit in recent years. According to the Ultras, the permanent return of the este is currently underway. The Paris Saint-Germain home kit for the 2024-25 season is expected to be released in May-June.”

One of Paris Saint-Germain’s nicknames is “Les Rouge et Bleu” (The Red and Blue). Este is the former owner and designer of Paris Saint-Germain, and he came up with the idea of a blue jersey with red stripes, so the Este jersey represents the history of the club.

A big problem arose in the 2021-22 season. The home jersey was designed in blue without a red stripe in the center. The only red trim was on the sleeves and neckline. The Paris Saint-Germain Ultras were so outraged that they declared a boycott.

The ‘Este jersey’ was never seen again. In 2022-23, a white stripe 토토사이트 with a red border was placed in the center, and in 2023-24, a bold red line was added to the left side. It was only in the fourth season that the jersey returned to its original design.

For the 2024-25 season, the team will wear the traditional style of the Paris Saint-Germain jersey. The same goes for the “Korean Liger” Lee Kang-in. He left Mallorca for Paris Saint-Germain ahead of this season. He’s been an instant hit. His jersey became a best seller, according to local media reports. Paris Saint-Germain realized the popularity of Lee, and they even introduced a jersey with Korean characters.

With Kylian Mbappe set to leave the club in free agency at the end of the season, it is likely that Lee will be chosen to model the jersey. He also modeled the third jersey in September last year.

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