Kim Hong-yeol becomes the first Korean B-boy to participate in the Olympics OQS 1st and 2nd combined 2nd place

3rd place in OQS 2nd competition

Kim Hong-yeol (Hongten) will become the first Korean B-boy to appear on the Olympic stage.

Kim Hong-yeol defeated Issin Hashikawa of Japan 2-1 (2-7 8) in the 3rd and 4th place match of the 2nd round of the 2024 Paris Olympic Breaking Final Qualifier Series (OQS) held in Budapest, Hungary on the 24th (Korean time). -1 9-0) and took 3rd place.

OQS is the final qualifying competition for the breaking event, which will be held as an official event for the first time at the Paris Olympics, with 10 entries for each man and woman at stake. Points were awarded differently depending on the rankings of the first and second competitions, and the rankings were determined by adding them up.

Kim Hong-yeol, who secured 38 ranking points by placing 4th in the first competition held in Shanghai, China last month, won a bronze medal in the second competition and added 41 points. 안전놀이터

Kim Hong-yeol, who earned a total of 79 points from the first and second competitions, won both competitions in a row and earned a ticket to Paris in second place, following Lee Lau Demirer of the Netherlands, who received 100 points.

In the finals of the Paris Olympics, 16 men and women will compete. While five Korean athletes participated in the first and second rounds of the OQS, Kim Hong-yeol was the only one to win the right to participate in the Olympics.

In the 3rd and 4th place match, Kim Hong-yeol captured the hearts of the judges by responding to Isshin, who showed off difficult techniques, with a diverse repertoire. Kim Hong-yeol went from Thomas (a technique of spinning using the centrifugal force of both legs while floating the body with both arms on the floor) to Air Track (a technique of rotating the body with arms and legs straight and only one hand on the floor). The technology was demonstrated, drawing cheers. In the final round, he performed a freeze (a technique of stopping movement while maintaining one movement for a certain period of time) for about 10 seconds, receiving votes from all nine judges. Kim Hong-yeol advanced to the quarterfinals without giving up a single round in the round robin of the round of 16. Kim Hong-yeol, who defeated Menno of the Netherlands 2-1 (7-2 9-0 1-8) in the quarterfinals, defeated Lee 0-3 (0-9 4-5 2-7) in the semifinals. 슬롯사이트 They lost and did not make it to the finals. After finishing the competition, Kim Hong-yeol said through All That Sports, the marketing agency of the Korea Dance Sports Federation (KFD), “I worked hard for over a year, and I finished the competition with better results than the first competition. “I am happy to have achieved my goal of participating in the Olympics,” he said. “It is an honor to be a part of the historic Olympics where breaking was adopted as the first official sport.” He continued, “Through two OQSs, I felt the need for a more diverse repertoire. “I plan to focus on improving that area before the Olympic finals,” he said, adding, “Since I am representing Korea, I will show better results at the Olympics.” B-girls Jeon Ji-ye (Fresh Bella) and Kwon Seong-hee (Starry) both lost in the round of 16. Jeon Ji-ye finished her second competition in 14th place, finishing last in Group C in the Round of 16 round robin. Jeon Ji-ye, who placed 18th in her first competition and earned 23 ranking points, ended up in 11th place with a combined 1 and 2 points of 50 points and unfortunately missed out on qualifying for the Paris Olympics. Seonghee Kwon finished third in Group B, failing to reach the quarterfinals, and finished her second competition in final 9th ​​place. Seonghee Kwon, who earned a combined 43 points in the first and second competitions, ended up in 19th place. B-boy Kim Heon-woo (Wing), who failed to advance to the round of 16 in this competition, ranked 14th in the first and second rounds, and Park In-su (Kill) ranked 30th. 토토사이트 추천