Its Korea Sports Association for the Disabled 2024 Government Budget

Korea Sports Association for the Disabled 2024 government budget of 99.2 billion won… 19.8% increase

Introducing a national power analyst, expanding support for international competitions, and establishing an integrated information system

Korea Sports Association

The 2024 budget for the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled passed 바카라사이트 the Cabinet meeting at KRW 99.2 billion, an increase of 19.8% (KRW 16.4 billion) from last year.

On the 31st, the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled said, “Next year’s budget has increased by 19.8% compared to this year’s budget.

“The total government budget increase rate is 2.8%,” he said.

“It reflects the will of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance to create an environment where people with disabilities can enjoy sports without discrimination.”

The Korea Sports Association for the Disabled is investing funds in various fields by expanding its budget.

First of All

Training conditions will be improved so that national team players can focus on training.

For the first time, a power analyst will be introduced and operated in the national team.

The standards for meal expenses (40,400 won → 50,000 won) lodging expenses (60,000 won → 80,000 won) were also raised.

In addition, we plan to gradually renovate the facilities of the Icheon Athletes’ Village, which was built in 2009.

Power Analysis Center

The operating budget of the Power Analysis Center is 183 million won.

Meal expenses were set at 549 million won, out-of-village lodging expenses at 333 million won, Icheon Athletes’ Village renovation costs at 835 million won.

As the budget has increased, it has become easier to support national disabled athletes participating in international sports competitions.


The Korea Sports Association for the Disabled said, “We plan to operate a local pre-training camp in preparation

for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games to prepare for the best performance,” adding, “We will operate a local Korea House in Paris and hold a ‘Paralympic Day’ event in which local residents and citizens participate.”

“We plan to operate it.

International Competition

We also plan to carefully support international comprehensive competitions for each type of disability, such as the Asia-Pacific Deaf Games.”

The prize money for the international competition was set at 4 billion won.

The budget for revitalizing daily sports and improving awareness of disabilities through sports was also expanded.

Physical fitness certification centers for the disabled

will be established in 17 cities and provinces across the country,

on-site measurement services will be strengthened by introducing additional mobile measurement equipment.

Sports Festival

The National Harmony Living Sports Festival, which both disabled and non-disabled people can participate in and enjoy, plans to expand by adding more events.

Strengthening the professional sports foundation is also a key task that cannot be overlooked.

League competitions for each sports event for the disabled will be expanded from the existing 5 to 8 events,

the hosting expenses will be expanded to support the smooth operation of the National Sports Competition for the Disabled.


for the classification of sports for the disabled, observational evaluation and practice by classifiers are conducted in connection with domestic competitions, research is conducted to advance the classification system.

To improve the training environment for candidates, rookies, and aspiring players, the standards for meal expenses (40,000 won → 50,000 won) lodging expenses (40,000 won → 80,000 won) are also supported.

Funds were also raised for the stable operation of sports organizations for the disabled.

Sports Complex

Following the completion of the sports complex in the Olympic Park (scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023), sufficient budget for rent and management expenses for sports organizations for the disabled moving to the complex will be secured and operated.

We plan to begin development by unifying the disabled sports computer system, which has been operated individually, into a next-generation integrated information system so that disabled athletes can use a variety of information without inconvenience.

Paris Paralympic Games

Jeong Jin-wan, president of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, said, “As the budget for major issues such as improving national team training conditions, the Paris Paralympic Games, relocating sports organizations for the disabled, developing the next-generation integrated information system have been increased or newly reflected, the policy of being friendly to the weak can be properly realized in the field.”

“We will do our best to make it happen,” he said.