Kim Ha-seong-Im Hye-dong ‘bar fight’?… baseball player A’s captain sees it.

Major leaguer Kim Ha-seong has sued junior baseball player Lim Hye-dong for extortion, and the contents of their past KakaoTalk messages have been revealed.

On the 11th, Dispatch exclusively reported on the contents of KakaoTalk messages between Kim Ha-sung and Im Hye-dong.

According to the report, on December 31, 2020, Lim Hye-dong wrote to Kim Ha-sung, “I miss you, my brother,” and showed affection by saying, “We always started and ended together.”

Lim then sent Kim a New Year’s greeting, thanking him for always taking care of him and asking him to fulfill the American dream together in 2021.

The baseball player told the Dispatch, “He cared for her more than his own sister,” adding, “He told her not to give up on baseball and helped her with tryouts.”

In February 2021, Kim Hae-sung traveled to San Diego with Lim Hye-dong. According to the Dispatch, Lim was a personal manager that Kim hired at his own expense.

When Kim successfully pitched the opening game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in San Diego, Lim returned to South Korea alone. He later broke the news to Kim that his father had collapsed, and Kim encouraged him, saying, “Your father will be fine. Don’t worry! Let’s be strong.”

The Dispatch also reported the testimony of Mr. A, a baseball player who was present at the drinking party in 2021 when the fight broke out.

“There was a fight that day. “Kim Ha-seong and Lim Hye-dong were arguing, and I stopped them because I was a senior. In the process, Lim Hye-dong’s elbow hit (my) face. Kim Ha-seong said, ‘Did you hit your brother?’ He pushed Im Hye-dong. It wasn’t a fist fight. They grabbed each other with their bodies and pushed each other,” he claimed.

“Kim Ha-seong and Lim Hye-dong left for the U.S. together the next day (February 11),” he said, adding, “Who would swing a fist before entering the big leagues?” Ahn was also reportedly interviewed as a witness at the police station.

Lim Hye-dong has claimed in media interviews, including TV Chosun, that she has been repeatedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung, even when they lived together as road managers in the United States during the first year of his career.

He settled the case in December 2021 for 400 million won, but recently revealed that Kim has accused him of blackmail when he pursued legal action against him for violating a confidentiality agreement.

Amid the conflicting positions of the two sides, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul investigated Kim Ha-sung as a complainant on Sept. 9, and then called Kim’s close associates as witnesses for two days from the previous day, according to a police report. 스포츠토토사이트