Jeju United joins hands with Jeju Jung to develop young talent

Jeju United and Jeju Middle School establish a partnership to develop local soccer talent.

The club signed an agreement with Jeju Middle School to operate a youth team. Jeju CEO Koo Chang-yong and 카지노사이트 Jeju Middle School Principal Jang Sang-woo attended the ceremony.

Under the agreement, Jeju and Jeju Middle School agreed to operate and manage the Jeju Under-15 (U-15) Youth Team as a club management system, and to contribute to the honor of the club and school and the development of local soccer.

Jeju will spare no effort in supporting the Jeju U-15 team to achieve excellent results in various competitions. In particular, former Jeju U-12 coach Park Jin-ok and former scout Shim Young-sung have been newly appointed as the head coach and coach of the Jeju U-15 team, respectively, in order to not only introduce a systematic development system but also to strengthen the club’s roots and bond with the youth team.

“Our goal is to nurture Jeju’s talent from the cradle of Jeju Middle School into top-level professional players,” said Koo Chang-yong. I will continue to work with Jeju Middle School to promote the excellence of Jeju Youth Academy.”

Mr. Jang Sang-woo, Principal of Jeju Middle School, said, “We are happy to sign this agreement again this year with Jeju, which has the best youth development system. It will be a great help to the development of sports in Jeju.”