How to Play Football Dice Studio

Play the football dice studio on a table with four dice shakers. Two dice shakers are on the home side and the other two are on the away side. In the game, the winner is determined by confirming which one draws the highest number of dice. The release of Evolution is 97.75 percent for home-and-away betting RTP and 95.68 percent for draw. 카지노사이트

Developers have implemented several additional features that make it more convenient to play this title. The Football Dice Studio displays the results of the previous round in the lower right corner. In other sections, you can see the news, the upcoming games, and the actual score of the ongoing soccer game.

Gaming Features
Each round begins with a betting round that predicts whether home or away wins. It may guarantee that the result of the round will be a draw. Home and away pay 7 to 1 in most situations, but pay even. If 12 people are tied on both sides, the dividend rate is 79:1.

The game doesn’t correct the result. Instead, the game is decided by two halves reminiscent of a soccer game. The top two shakers stop first to view the results. Then, after a slight delay, the bottom two shakers stop to show the final result of the round. This division of the results presentation creates excitement and makes the football studio dice more interesting.

You can use the Live Chat option to communicate with hosts and other players. It is very interesting to see the reaction of the crowd sweetened or sour with two halves of the result.

Video Performance
Evolution is the king of live dealer games, and their video credentials reflect that. The HD camera captures the person who rolls the dice and the host from various angles. The design of the studio looks fantastic. Jin hwa made the table look like a soccer field. The current score is also displayed on the screen after the host. This allows you to see at a glance whether your home or expedition has won consecutive games.

Our Thoughts On Soccer Studio Dice
We had a lot of fun playing this release. If you like dice games and soccer, it’s a perfect combination that you didn’t know what you needed. Gameplay is fun, video quality is great and user interface is easy to use. Therefore, we are very happy to recommend the football studio dice to our readers. It seems to be a fresh breeze for the world of live casino games.