‘Former V-Leaguer’ Alex enters Japan’s SV.League… with Casper as coach

Alex Pereira, a Portuguese outside hitter who played in the Korean V-League, has made his way to Japan.

Alex will be playing in Japan this year in the SV.League, which has been reorganized from the V.League to the SV.League. He will join head coach Casper Vuorinen, formerly of Korean Air, for the 2024-25 season.

The Great Bears announced the signing of Alex Periira on April 24th. On the 25th, they added Maciej Muzaj, a 6-foot-8 Polish forward born in 1994. On the 27th, the Great Bears announced the re-signing of head coach Casper, 파워볼게임 who will lead the Great Bears through 2023.

Issei Otake, who was selected by Woori Card as an Asia Quasar player last season, also suited up for the Great Bears as an outside hitter.

According to the Great Bears website, Alex said, “I’m really looking forward to playing with the amazing support of the Japanese fans. I will do my best to make history and help the team reach the playoffs,” said Alex.

“Alex is a very experienced player who understands what is expected of him. We’re excited to have him on the team.”

Alex was a registered player in the Korean V-League for four seasons. In 2017, he played for KB Insurance for two seasons, and in 2020, he played two seasons for Woori Card. In the 2020-21 season, he helped Woori Card reach the championship finals for the first time in the organization’s history. He has also played in Italy, Turkuye, Poland, and other countries.

Another ‘former V-Leaguer’, Oreol Kameho, will also be playing in the Japanese SV.League. Oreol played for LIG Insurance (now KB Insurance) in 2012-13 and Hyundai Capital in 2015-16 and 2022-23. This year, he will join the JT Thunders in Japan, where he will face off against Alex.