Byung-woo Jeon visited Daegu Samsung Lions Park

The newest member of the Samsung Lions, Byung-woo Jeon, visited Daegu Samsung Lions Park for the first time since his transfer.

Joining Lotte in 2015 after graduating from Kaesong High School and Dong-A University, Jeon Byung-woo moved to Kiwoom in a 2-for-1 trade in April 2020. He was called up by Samsung in the second round of the draft last November.

When he visited Daegu Samsung Lions Park on Tuesday for his profile photo shoot, Jeon said, “I wore a blue uniform in high school, so it’s not unfamiliar to me. I like the color blue,” he smiles.

“It’s a new feeling,” he said of his new start at Samsung. It’s not the first time I’ve changed teams, but I feel more responsible to do a good job,” he said. “People around me also told me it would be a good opportunity. It’s important for me to adapt well and perform well in the new team.”

There are many players with whom he is familiar, including catcher Kang Min-ho, who he played with at Lotte, and pitcher Kim Tae-hoon, 바카라사이트 who switched jerseys with Lee Won-seok (Kiwoom infielder) last year. “I’ve heard that the atmosphere in the Samsung squad is very good, so I don’t think I’ll have any problems adjusting as long as I do well. I will try to get along with my teammates and perform well,” he said.

As for what Samsung looks like from the outside

Jeon says, “Samsung is a prestigious club. They are a demanding and explosive team,” he said, promising to help them reach higher heights this season.

Jeon has the ability to hit one out of the park, with eight home runs in 2020. He is expected to showcase his strengths at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, a hitter-friendly ballpark.

“I want to perform better here (at the hitter-friendly ballpark), and I have high expectations for myself,” said Jeon, “but I think mind control will be important because too much greed can backfire.”

Until last year, Jeon was just 2-for-1 in his first-team career (203 hits in 949 at-bats). If he can improve his accuracy, he could produce more long balls. “I’ll work hard to learn from the good hitting coaches at Samsung because I need to be accurate with the bat to produce good hits,” he said.

“I’m confident that I’m in good enough shape to go to camp right now,” he said. After being out of baseball for about three months last year due to surgery on his right dorsal ligament, he said he plans to train more than usual.

“I just want to play in as many games as possible and do better,” he said.

Finally, he said, “When I played for Kiwoom, 토토사이트 the fans gave me a lot of support, but I’m very sorry that I didn’t perform as well as I expected. I will always remember their heartfelt support.” He expressed his gratitude.

“I was very envious of the blue wave that filled the third base stands during the game against Daegu, and I am looking forward to receiving the support of the fans who filled the third base stands on weekdays and weekends. I wish you all the best.”