the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) who visited Korea for pre-season games, showed off its best club in Europe by showing pleasant training in front of Korean soccer fans despite the hot weather of 35 degrees Celsius.

Manchester City, led by Pep Guardiola (Spain), showed open training in front of fans at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 29th.

Manchester City, which won the UEFA Champions League, the EPL, and the FA Cup last season, is the second English team to achieve the European treble (three gold medals) after Manchester United in the 1998-1999 season, visited Korea for a pre-season game in preparation for the 2023-2024 season.

Manchester City, which arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 27th, will play a friendly match against Spain’s prestigious club Atletico Madrid at the Seoul World Cup Stadium from 8 p.m. on the 30th.

Despite the hot weather, which recorded a wind chill of 35 degrees Celsius, fans who started gathering at the stadium around 4 p.m. with portable mini fans and cold drinks in both hands looked excited.

The Manchester City team, which quickly left the airport responding with smiles and hand greetings to fans who waited for more than three hours at the arrival hall, appeared in front of fans once again at 6 p.m. that day.

Although the temperature still exceeded 30 degrees, more than 20,000 fans welcomed them with cheers and applause, wearing Manchester City’s blue uniforms or waving them in both hands.

In the open training session, which was open to the media for about 15 minutes, about half of the players wearing sky blue team training suits wore orange vests and conducted simple ball keeping training.

“Monster striker” Elling Holan, whose long blonde hair was tightly tied with a white hair strap, sweated in a sleeveless shirt, and Jack Grillish, who covered his arms from the strong sun in a long sleeve training suit, smiled occasionally.

Fans were excited when Kevin Dubrowner, who was devoted to training, waved toward the stands.

Whenever the team moved to use every corner of the stadium, spectators sitting nearby greeted them with cheers.

Goalkeeper training was conducted at a temporary goalpost in the corner of the goal line, and whenever a great diving defense came out, exclamations erupted from the stands.

In the training of three to four players rushing into the attack area at the same time and then shooting, there was a shout when Der Bruyne shook the net in a row, including a nice Caesars kick.

Holan also covered his face with one hand as his shots continued to turn away from the goalpost.

Guardiola showed enthusiasm by adjusting the players’ positions with loud sounds and gestures in the middle of the ground.

About six minutes before the end of the open training, the players who moistened their throats with water were divided into teams wearing orange vests and teams not wearing them, and started a mini-game that uses about half of the stadium.

A serious look resembling a real game followed, and Kevin Phillips headed home the score

The end of the open training, which was scheduled for about an hour, was approaching, but Manchester City players trained in front of fans for about 20 more minutes, and circled the stadium to greet the stands with a smile.

Dubrawiner and Holan took commemorative photos and signed autographs to pre-selected fans through a lottery, and the lucky characters stared at their uniforms and sign balls as if they were not believed.