Woori Card Defeats Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance for First Win

Woori Card won the first game of the season.

Woori Card won 3-1 (25-17 25-19 18-25 25-19) in the home game against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2023-2024 V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 15th.

Woori Card, which ranked 3rd in the 2022-2023 regular season, aims to enter the top rankings this season.

Woori Card’s Apogit Spiker Matei, whose offensive ability was questionable, showed off his scoring ability regardless of whether he was in the front or back. 

He scored 29 points, making coach Shin Young-cheol happy. 

It was also impressive to shake the opponent’s defense with a powerful serve.

Kim Ji-han (13 points) and Han Seong-jeong (12 points) also contributed to the victory.

Woori Card’s team attack success rate was high at 54%, and it also showed an edge in blocking with 11-6.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was in last place last season, lost in the first game of the opening season.  스포츠토토

Yosbani (19 points), Kim Jeong-ho (17 points), and Eddie (16 points) fought hard, but could not prevent defeat.

Woori Card took the lead in the first set.

Woori Card took advantage of Matei’s attack from the beginning of the set to discourage the opponent.

He scored four consecutive points with a 4-2 lead.

Issei, Han Taejun, and Han Seongjeong blocked the opponent’s brunt of the attack with blocking.

Afterwards, they won the first set at 21-16 thanks to Han Seong-jeong’s time-lag attack, ball locking, and Matei’s first serve ace since his debut.

On the other hand, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost the first set due to unstable receiving and Yosbani’s low attack success rate.

Woori Card maintained the lead from the beginning of the second set thanks to Matei’s performance, and with a slight lead of 16-14, they scored four consecutive points, starting with Jin-Woo Park’s fast break, to virtually split the game.

In the second half of the set, Matei’s back attacks continued, taking the second set.

Matei played a decisive role in the victory by scoring 8 points in the second set.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance took a 6-4 lead in the early third set thanks to the performances of Kim Jeong-ho and Eddie.

Afterwards, Kim Jeong-ho and Yosvani launched a high-altitude attack to redeem the set.

Woori Card, who had reorganized their line, took an 8-7 lead in the fourth set and took advantage of Matei’s back attack and the opponent’s mistake to run away with a 10-7 lead.

Woori Card widened the score at 14-11 with scores from Matei and Han Seong-jeong, then ran away to 18-11 thanks to Matei’s quick open and Han Seong-jeong’s blocking.

In particular, Woori Card showed remarkable concentration during the rally situation and broke Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s will to chase.