When Yeo steps up and Cho Hwan-hee returns from rehab?

“I want to play as a two-guard with Cho Hwan-hee, and I want to improve my skills so that I won’t be pushed back when he comes.”

KU usually spends some time on Jeju Island before traveling to Japan for training. This year is different. Osaka Sangyo University, which plays exchange matches, is coming to Jeju Island. KU has been training on Jeju Island from the 4th of last month until the 26th of this month, which is longer than usual.

This time, the team was joined late by Cho Hwan-hee, who underwent knee surgery last October. He hasn’t been able to fully participate in team drills, making it even more difficult for him to play in practice games.

The absence of the starting guard has opened up opportunities for other players. Yeo Chan-young (181 cm, G) is one of those players.

“When I first came to Jeju Island, I didn’t think I would have enough time,” Yeo said after finishing all the training on the 23rd. I did physical training. At the end of the day, I said, ‘Let’s play hard in the practice game and prepare well,'” she said.

KU held a scrimmage with Osaka Kogyo University on Feb. 22 and a scrimmage with players returning for the draft on Feb. 23.

“We played Osaka Sangyo once last year,” Yeo said. We played knowing that their defense was strong, so we prepared well and tried to take care of the ball,” Yeo said. “In the turnover and game, there were spectators and I played with my brothers for the first time. Their brothers played in college, so their bumping was better than ours, so we felt like we were outplayed at first. Freddie did a good job defending, so we had a good game,” he reflected on the two games.

The turnovers and scrimmages may have made the game feel a little more special.

“My brothers fell out of the draft once, so I could see their eagerness, and when I watched the video before, it was like, ‘Let’s try to play like us,'” Yeo said, adding, “You have to learn from that once the atmosphere changes.”

Yeo’s strength is that she can shoot 3-pointers while leading the team. If she can improve her defense, she will get more playing time. Especially during this winter training period, she has a lot of time on the court.

“After the winter training, I played a lot of practice games, talked to the manager and coach, and learned,” Yeo said, “I feel that my skills have improved, but I’m not 카지노 satisfied. Even when I hear from my teammates, they tell me that I have improved, so I try harder with confidence.”

“When I’m leading, I’ve been told not to jump pass or force the defense, and I don’t do that, so I’m comfortable stopping and passing to the shooter. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but I recognize that and I play with it,” he added.

Cho Hwan-hee will be ready to return to action when she returns to her home school after winter training in Jeju Island. Her return could cut into Yeo’s playing time.

“Hwan-hee has been playing since her freshman year, and the coach and manager trust her,” Yeo said. “I want to play as a two-guard with Hwan-hee’s partner, and I want to be able to fill in when Hwan-hee is not available, so I want to improve my skills so that I won’t be left behind when Hwan-hee comes back.”

The start of the Korean National University Basketball League is about a month away.

“There are some guard resources, so it’s still an open competition. Hwan-hee, Kim Jun-young, me, Kwon Min-joon, and Kim Jung-hyun are all competing.” “I want to improve my shooting accuracy, and I want to be a player with stability in leading,” she said.

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