A new name has been set for the public sports facility being built in Ulsan’s Seoji Hall, which has been vacant for years Dong-gu, Ulsan, announced on the 24th that it has decided to name the facility ‘Seoji Health Center Dong-gu conducted the second round of internal screening of the submissions received for two weeks from August 1 As a result of the competition, ‘Seoji Health Center’ was finally selected as a name that is easy to distinguish from existing public sports facilities and has the function of both a bathhouse and a sports facility. The facility was built by HHI in 1996 for local residents, but was closed in 2017 due to losses. Following the facility’s closure, Dong-gu took over ownership from its owner, Hyundai Department Store Ulsan, in January and began construction to convert it into a public sports facility. With a total project cost of 3.7 billion won, including 1.8 billion won for construction and 1.6 billion won for compensation, the entire third floor of the West Hall (area 1,100.69㎡) will be remodeled and a gym, gymnastics room, and bathhouse will be built .Construction began at the end of June and is expected to be completed in October After completion in October, the Western Health Center will openly recruit a trustee to run it and officially open in January next year. An official from Dong-gu Office said, “The Western Hall, which has been suspended for a long time, will finally return to the bosom of Dong-gu residents.” “We will do our best to prepare for operation so that there are no inconveniences even after the official opening,” 카지노사이트 he said