“Play through pain? I don’t agree. If you’re injured, you need to rest” Spurs fans ‘rebut’ Klinsmann comments

Tottenham fans still concerned about 현금홀덤사이트 Son Heung-min’s possible injury.

Tottenham fan site SpursWeb noted that after the South Korean captain limped out of the team’s 5-0 win over Singapore on Saturday after being knocked down by an opponent’s rough play, the team is already reeling from injuries to James Maddison and Mickey van de Ven, who are set to be out until the new year, and the addition of Son to the injury list could be devastating.

Son Heung-min said after the game, “I’m fine now. I don’t like to lie on the ground for a long time. I didn’t feel anything in my foot at that moment. Not only me, but all the players get small injuries, but they still play for the team. We are playing for the World Cup. You can’t give up a match because of pain. If I can’t play anymore, I don’t know what to do, but if I can play, I have to give 100% for the team.”

Spursweb then said, “Son Heung-min is a player who keeps playing even when injured, as we saw last season. I hope he doesn’t do that again this year,” Spurgeon said, emphasizing that “if he’s injured, he needs to rest.”

National team coach Jürgen Klinsmann was also unhappy with the Singaporean’s deep tackles that could have put Son Heung-min at risk.

“It was a foul that didn’t need to be committed when we were leading by a big score, and I was really angry at the moment. But it’s rare for every player to play at 100% physical condition. It’s the player’s responsibility to play through or manage the pain,” he said, explaining that minor injuries are a normal part of the game.

In response, Spurs Web wrote: “I agree that it was a reckless and unnecessary foul on Son Heung-min, and I sincerely hope he is okay, but I disagree with Klinsmann that players should play through pain. If a player is injured, he should be rested.”