Park Dong-hyuk, Director of Chungnam Asan: “Moon Hyun-ho, 10 out of 10 today!”

“Ten out of ten.”

Chungnam Asan FC head coach Park Dong-hyuk praised goalkeeper Moon Hyun-ho for his steady performance and decisive super-save in his first appearance of the season, despite his disappointment with the match that ended in a draw.

Chungnam Asan drew 0-0 with home team Seoul Eland in the 24th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Mokdong Sports Complex in Seoul at 7 p.m. on Oct. 31. With the draw, Chungnam Asan gained a point and remained in 10th place in the league (27 points).

After the match, Park said, “The weather was quite hot today, and I think it was very difficult for the players. Our preparation went very well, especially defensively. However, in our offense, when we got the ball forward, it was too easy to lose it and give it back to our opponents. As a result, our attackers had to sprint a lot more and we had to defend a lot more, which was difficult.” “Going forward, I think we need to get more ball possession in our offense and we’ll be better. Overall, I think the players are tired and need to rest, but I’m glad we didn’t lose. Moon Hyun-ho made a great save at the end, so we got a point.”

On why he substituted Afonso, who came on at the start of the second half, again after 35 minutes, Park said, “He kept making mistakes and not connecting with the ball, so he needs to make up for his mistakes, but he didn’t do that, so I substituted him.” “Mistakes can happen during the game, but especially on a day like this, we need to see more defense and active fighting,” he said, adding that it was a reprimanding substitution.

Park was particularly pleased with the performance of goalkeeper Moon Hyun-ho, who made his first appearance of the day. He said, “I actually thought it was a big risk (starting Moon), but he did better than I expected. I’d give him a 10 out of 10 today, especially the way he saved the last shot, I think he’s grown a lot. He has a good sense of the game and a good rhythm, which gives us another option.” “He’s a player who will improve in the future. He’s shown in training on the field that he can prepare himself and play hard, so I’m very happy with him.”

It’s easy to see why Park had such high praise for Moon. Not only was he steady throughout the match, but he also saved a crucial goal in late stoppage time. In second-half stoppage time, after Chungnam Asan failed to clear a corner kick, Eland launched a surprise counterattack. With three players running up the field at the same time, Lee Si-heon found himself in the penalty box, one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

Lee wasted no time in firing a hard shot, but Moon Hyun-ho’s judgment and movement were quicker. He quickly narrowed the space and made a super save to block Lee’s shot. If they conceded, they would have lost. Moon Hyun-ho saved the day. That’s why Park gave him a ’10 out of 10′.

Finally, Park talked about the training plan for the break, saying, “After adding two foreign players, we lacked organization in the attack. Balance and defensive positioning are important, and foreign players often stand on their feet, so there are some areas where the balance is broken. We plan to prepare for that. We will also prepare for the recovery and return of injured players. We are fortunate that we will have enough time to rest and prepare the team’s tactics in a period of exhaustion.” 안전놀이터