Now that KB is in full swing of off-season training, how has his life changed?

KB will introduce a commuting system starting in July.

Cheongju KB dominated the regular season in 2023-2024, led by Park Ji-soo (196 cm, C). Their final record was 27 wins and 3 losses. The team was led by a dominant defense, but things have changed for KB in the upcoming season. The team’s ace, Park Ji-soo, chose to play overseas, and now they have to play a new kind of basketball.

“Park Ji-soo was very influential,” said KB head coach Kim Wan-soo. Now that he’s gone, we have to do something new. We’re going to showcase things we haven’t done before,” Kim Wan-soo said, 홀덤 announcing the change.

He continued, “We can’t fill the gap left by Jisoo. That’s why everyone has to work together. It’s important that we make it together,” he added.

KB is preparing the same as last season, or differently. And KB is facing another change. They will be the first female sports organization to introduce a ‘commuting’ system.

“Starting in July, players will be able to commute to work,” says Kim. Of course, not everyone will go, but only those who apply will go. (Laughs) They can all stay in comfortable accommodation,” Kim said, adding, ”I wanted to instill a sense of responsibility in the players. Being here doesn’t mean that something huge will come out of it. If the players are responsible, good things will come out of it.”

The KB squad is facing something new in their lives. Lee Chae-eun (171 cm, G) said, “I think it’s great. We have to have faith in each other. We can only continue if we keep our appointments and don’t have any problems.” Yang Soo-ji (172 cm, G) also responded positively, saying, ”I think it’s a great gesture. The athletes should try to stay out of trouble. At the same time, we have to be efficient in training. Only then, I think the commuting system is meaningful.”

In addition to commuting, KB will also allow players to go out on their own. “After training, they can go out until 10 o’clock. Of course, if they have evening training, they can’t go out. We made this program because we want the players to maximize their efficiency by combining rest and exercise.”

Yang Ji-soo added, “Being able to go outside and get some fresh air is a good thing. I can also go to a cafe with my sisters. But as I said before, we have to train well and produce good results. We have that responsibility,” she said.

With Park Ji-soo out, KB has to make changes. “We have to make big changes in terms of basketball. They also chose to make changes in their lifestyle for the players’ convenience. The first step was to allow players to commute to work. However, in order for this to have a positive effect, the players must also take responsibility.