KPGA ‘2023 Genesis Championship’ opens 120 people participated in a four-day competition

The Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour ‘2023 Genesis Championship’ opened on the 12th.The Genesis Championship is a competition held in Korea since 2017 by Hyundai Motor Company’s luxury brand Genesis to revitalize domestic golf, and is held in a 4-round, 72-hole stroke format.This tournament, held with the concept of ‘Challenge for Greatness’, will be held at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea located in Songdo, Incheon until the 15th.120 players, including all past winners, will participate.

This tournament is the one with the most Genesis points on the KPGA Korean Tour.The winner is awarded 1,300 points.Genesis operates a dedicated lounge within the venue so that players and caddies can relax during the game, and provides tour vans and hotels near the venue for all players.Genesis’ unique caddy courtesy culture continues.A separate championship cup for the winning caddy, a naming service that displays the name on the caddy’s vest, and a hole-in-one prize (Genesis GV60) for the caddy are provided.

In addition, a full swing simulator experience and a Bang & Olufsen listening experience were also prepared so that visitors could enjoy golf culture and experience the Genesis brand at the competition venue.Benefits such as food and beverage service at the premium lounge near the 18th hole green and the opportunity to draw for an ‘Honorary Observer’, 온라인카지노 which allows you to follow the players around the course and watch the game vividly, are also provided.