In the Year of the Dragon, blue cards are a hot topic in soccer

In the Year of the Dragon, blue cards are a hot topic in soccer.

The UK’s Telegraph reported on the 9th (KST) that “the International Football Association (IFAB) is set to announce plans to pilot an expansion of the blue card, which grants a 10-minute temporary sending off. The BBC and other outlets cited and reported the story. It’s not yet clear when the pilot will begin or which matches will be included.

The new concept of a 10-minute blue card is the first major innovation in soccer since the 1970 World Cup, when red cards were introduced for ejections and yellow cards for warnings. Reports have been pouring in that the IFAB has approved the trial and will officially announce it on Tuesday.

If a player protests too much, they will receive a blue card and will be sent off for 10 minutes, spend 10 minutes in the technical area, and then be allowed to return to the game. As with a yellow card, if you receive two blue cards, you’re out. 안전놀이터 One yellow card and one blue card is still an ejection.

Shortly after the introduction of blue cards,

The BBC reported that “the English Premier League (EPL) has said it will not participate in the program. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) also made its position clear in an official statement. It said that any talk of immediate use in elite soccer was “premature” and that “reports in this regard are inaccurate.” “We want to make it clear that reports about blue cards are inaccurate and premature,” the statement reads, “If such an experiment is to take place, it should be limited to testing in a responsible way, starting in the lower leagues, and FIFA will reiterate this position when the issue is discussed at the IFAB Congress on March 2.”

As the blue card controversy heated up, the British newspaper Metro broke it all down for us: “What does a blue card mean in soccer?” Similar to rugby, a player who receives a blue card is sent off the field for 10 minutes. Blue cards are given for complaints to the referee, infamous fouls like Giorgio Chiellini’s shirt tug in the Euro 2000 final, or fouls that prevent a promising attacking opportunity,” explains the article. “If a player receives two blue cards, or a blue and yellow card together, he is immediately sent off,” he added.

When asked, “Will it be used in the Premier League?”

He replied, “No, not yet. Not yet, at least,” and then added: “Last November, the IFAB, whose board includes English Football Association (FA) chief executive Mark Bullingham, agreed to pilot the system in elite competitions such as the Premier League. The initial pilot will not extend to the top flight, but if it proves successful, it could be rolled out in the future. “Blue cards have already been used in England’s grassroots and youth leagues and have been successful in reducing refereeing protests and backlash, which has become a bigger issue in the top flight. When the FA piloted Blue Card in 31 youth academy leagues in the 2018-2019 season, it saw a 38% reduction in refereeing appeals. “The FA has considered whether to use them as a test in the FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup next season, but in light of FIFA’s statement, this seems unlikely at the moment,” Metro said. ‘The Welsh Football Association had also planned to trial blue cards this season, 바카라사이트 추천 but this was not approved. Players who would have received blue cards received yellow cards instead,” he added.

While it’s clear that blue cards will not be tested at this summer’s Euros and next season’s Champions League, with European Football Association president Alexander Ceferin staunchly opposed to the idea, stating that “it’s not football anymore,” Metro writes that if the benefits of the trial result in blue cards being added to the Laws of the Game, Ceferin would be “speaking from the heart.

But why a blue card? Metro kindly explained that ‘an orange card, halfway between a red and a yellow card, could have been an appropriate choice, but blue was chosen to make a clearer distinction from red and yellow.