“I lived in hell for four months”…Oh Ji-young opens up on ‘harassment’, immigration documents

The battle for truth will continue.

The women’s professional volleyball team Pepper Savings Bank is in turmoil. After being disciplined for human rights violations, Oh Ji-young is crying foul. In interviews with several media outlets, she revealed details of what happened inside the organization. She claimed that the damage reports submitted by the juniors were full of lies. He also pointed to the fault of his juniors. One of the victims, 메이저 토토사이트 Lee Min-seo, took to her personal social networking service (SNS) account on Sept. 29 to refute Oh’s interview.

Oh Ji-young was recently accused of persistently harassing two of her juniors. One of them, Lee Min-seo, left the team on Nov. 13 last year through an arbitrary termination. The Korean Volleyball Organization (KOVO) held a punishment committee on Nov. 23 but failed to reach a conclusion. On Nov. 27, the KOVO held a second punishment committee and reinstated Oh and the other players named as victims. The club officials were also given the opportunity to be heard and the statements of the club’s witnesses were confirmed.

The federation said, “We have confirmed that there were acts of human rights violations such as harassment and verbal abuse by Oh Ji-young. It is a serious anti-social behavior and a vicious habit that must be eradicated from professional sports in the future.” “In order to prevent similar acts from occurring again, we have decided to impose a disciplinary sanction of ‘one-year suspension’ on Oh Ji-young pursuant to Article 10 (1) (4) of the Regulations of the Committee for the Protection of Athletes’ Human Rights, Article 10 (1) (1) and (5) of the Penalty Regulations, and Article 11 (4) and (5) of the Disciplinary and Sanctioning Standards (General) of Annex 1 of the Penalty Regulations.”

Pepper Savings Bank also announced on the 27th that it had “decided to terminate the contract with Oh Ji-young.”

On the 28th, Jeong Min-ho, a lawyer at Lee’s law firm, said, “Keeping in mind the future retrial process and litigation procedures, O’Reilly intends to calmly and carefully go through the process of revealing his injustice regardless of whether he retires or not,” adding, “O’Reilly confirmed the complainant’s (victim’s) claims for the first time at the first penalty committee. She had an absolute lack of time to prepare rebuttal materials and did not have a full opportunity to present her case.”

O’Neill’s camp said they are requesting a review by the Federation’s penalty committee and are preparing other legal responses. They also released the messages that Oh shared with the two victims. The messages were affectionate and friendly. In the interview, Oh also refuted the allegations of sexual assault that have always been publicized.

Lee Min-seo then opened up. She began by explaining that Oh Ji Young had asked her to write down what she should do in the future for her volleyball career. “My sister asked me if I had a boyfriend lately. When I said no, she said it was suspicious and scolded me for more than 30 minutes for ridiculous reasons.” “She asked me to write a reflection, saying, ‘I will not betray you in the future, and I will open up to you. She asked me to fill in two A4-sized notebooks, front and back. I filled one page,” he said.

“I have several transcripts of conversations I had with my friend at the time where she asked me if it made sense and said she wanted to die,” he added.

As for the affectionate message that Oh revealed, she said, “I thought that if my sister knew that the reason I left the team was because of you, I wouldn’t be able to play volleyball on the unemployment team. I asked coach Joe Trinzi and the club’s front desk to let me leave quietly. I purposely overreacted to her messages so she wouldn’t notice,” he explained. “My acquaintances, my teachers, my teammates, my sisters, they’re more upset. They are more angry, asking if she is lying in this way,” he claimed.

Oh Ji Young said, “Lee Min Seo didn’t get along well with his teammates. I mediated and he got along with his peers,” she said, “No, that’s not true. My motivation at the time was twofold, one was that her sister was traded and she was a free agent. The other was rehabbing from surgery, so we weren’t on the field together,” he rhymed.

“She said that (I) was being a bully and intervened in an unnecessary and excessive way. I made the other sisters feel more uncomfortable and noticeable.” “Looking back on it now, I think it was a show of power and picking sides. Those of you who have been around her will know what this is.”

In addition, when Oh Ji Young said in an interview about Lee Min Seo, “I heard that the players who stayed in the hostel during the away schedule went out the next day to buy clothes to wear when they went out and stayed overnight.” Lee Min Seo said, “Don’t make up things that don’t exist.”

“She would always say, ‘Aren’t you the number one player to be released next year?” or ‘You’re going to be fired anyway,'” Lee said. “We had a food shuttle almost every day, and when we ate in the player’s cafeteria, we always had to eat next to her. She would wipe the food from her hands onto my clothes.”

“She was disrespectful and hostile to everyone, even the players and coaching staff, if they didn’t follow her orders. She also had a lot of complaints about the way the team trained,” he said, adding, “She took it out on the training field and made it difficult for others.”

“Everyone knows that I lived in hell for four months, except for my sister. She didn’t just say things she didn’t like, she said things that were personally insulting.” “It’s a pain that only the victim will die. What kind of heart am I writing this with,” he said.