‘Fierce’ Lee Dong-joon, “I will raise Jeonbuk’s status”

“I will raise Jeonbuk’s status before I leave”.

Lee Dong-joon saved Jeonbuk from defeat in the Hana One Q K League 1 2024 4th Round ‘Hyundai Street Derby’ home match against Ulsan HD at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on March 30, scoring a late goal to tie the score at 2-2 and playing a key role in the game.

Lee Dong-joon came from behind to rescue Jeonbuk 안전 토토사이트 from the brink of defeat.

Lee scored in the 46th minute, finishing a cross from the left by Kim Jin-soo with a header in the box.

In the 24th minute of the second half, he drove down the right side and crossed a cutback that found its way past Thiago and into the path of Moon Sun-min for the equalizer.

After the game, Lee said, “I was so frantic. I thought we had to score a goal in the first half to turn it around in the second half, but Jinsoo sent me a good cross and I was able to score the equalizer,” he said, recalling the circumstances of his first goal.

“I thought it was a really important game today, and the fans came out to support us, but it’s too bad we didn’t win. I feel sorry for them,” he said, hanging his head.

Lee Dong-joon’s goal was even more significant because it was his first league goal since joining Jeonbuk.

“We didn’t lose, but in the end, I think we didn’t get the result again because we lacked a lot. It’s too bad that we didn’t get the result. We need to prepare better and win the next game,” he said.

Lee Dong-joon, who scored his debut goal in the K League after joining Jeonbuk, coincidentally scored against his hometown club Ulsan.

“Regardless of how I felt against Ulsan, I think I played harder to please the fans because they are my rivals,” he said. “It was hard because we were down 0-2, and I thought we had to score a goal in the first half to turn it around. Luckily, (Kim) Jin-soo sent me a good cross and I was able to score the winning goal,” he recalled.

On Aug. 28, the Armed Forces Sports Ministry announced the finalized list of successful applicants for the commercial program, and Lee was among the 20 successful applicants. He will enlist on the 29th and play for the Gimcheon Sangmu until October 26th of next year.

Looking at the April schedule, Lee will play five games before enlisting in the military.

Lee Dong-joon said, “I feel like I’m really disappointed. As Jeonbuk is in a tough time right now, I want to stay with them and help them get back on their feet and regain their former glory, but military service is an unavoidable part of my life.” “Before I leave, I will do my best to help Jeonbuk regain its status,” he vowed.

“The atmosphere is not good right now, so I think I should prepare better and try to be useful for the rest of my time,” he vowed.