Favorite Kim Gae-young Surong Piavi ‘ends up with 6 high run points’

The top two favorites, Kim Ga-young and Surong Pia-vi, were eliminated with a six-point final high run. Second-ranked Kim Min-ah also suffered a setback, meaning that last season’s top 1-3 were eliminated en masse. On the other hand, opening match winner Kim Se-yeon, Cha Yuram Kang Ji Eun, Lim Jung-sook, Han Ji Eun, and Kim Jin-ah advanced to the round of 32.

In the Round of 64 of the ’24/25 Season Hanacard LPBA Championship’ held at the Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, on Nov. 1, Kim Ga-young (Hanacard) was upset by Jung Soo-bin 23:25 (16 innings). Kim Min-ah (NHK Card) lost to Choi Ji-seon 16:23 (26 games), and Surong Pia-vi (Woori Financial Capital) lost to Cha Yuram 19:19 (22 games) in a high run difference (5-6).

Kim Se Yeon Cha Yuram Kang Ji Eun Lim Jung Sook Kim Jin Ah Round of 32
Hida, Im, and Lee eliminated

Kim Ga-young came from behind to lose her match against Jung Soo-bin, despite being 1.5 averages up. The match was one-sided in her favor until the very end. ‘Seon-gong’ Kim scored six high-run points in the first game, five in the third and two in the fourth to take a comfortable 13:3 (4 games) lead. In the middle of the game, Jung Soo-bin scored seven runs in the sixth through eighth innings to cut the deficit to 13:10, but Kim didn’t allow the lead to grow any further. Instead, she scored 10 points in six innings from the ninth to the 14th to virtually seal the match at 23:12 (14th).

From there, however, it was Jung’s turn. In the 15th game, she scored seven points, including one bank shot, to close the gap to 19:23. However, she handed over the bank shot placement to Kim Ga-young. If Kim succeeded, the 무료성인웹툰 match would be over. Kim tried a three-bank shot instead of a one-bank shot because she was worried about Keith, but the shot missed slightly and the offense went back to Jung Soo-bin.

Soo-Bin scored five points, including one bank shot, to tie the score at 24:23. He then chose a side flip at the end of the jango to complete the comeback with 25 points to go. Both players had a 1.5-point average (Jeong Soo-bin 1.562- Kim Ga-young 1.533).

Throngpiavi was also on the verge of victory against Chayuram, leading 19:13 in the 22nd inning of the match. With time running out, it looked like the game was about to end, but Cha Yuram scored point after point, including a bank shot, for a quick high run of six points. The score was tied at 19:19 when Cha missed her last attack. In the end, Cha won the high run by one point (6-5) and punched her ticket to the round of 32.

Kim Min-ah, who had two wins last season, was defeated by Choi Ji-seon 16:23 in 26 innings. Kim had a sluggish performance throughout the day, striking out in the fifth and sixth innings, and in 17 of the 26 innings overall. Her high run total was three and her slugging percentage was just .615.

Choi Ji-seon, on the other hand, scored seven runs from the 23rd inning “after” the 16:12 lead to the 26th inning to win the game 23:16 and catch the big fish.

Kim Ga-young, Kim Min-ah, and Surongpiavi finished 1-3 in the point rankings last season (23/24).

In this match, Kim Bomi Seo Hansol Baek Min-ju Kim Ye-eun Choi Hye-mi Yong Hyun-ji Park Ji-hyun1 won and advanced to the round of 32. On the other hand, Hida Oriie, Lee Shin Young, and Lee Im Rae were eliminated.