Fan Zhanle Takes First Place in the Men’s 400m Freestyle

Fan Zhanle takes first place in the men’s 400m freestyle at the Chinese swimming team qualifying for the Paris Olympics

Fan Zhanle (19) won the men’s 400m freestyle at the 2024 Chinese Swimming Championships, which also served as a qualifying event for the Paris Olympics.

As Fan Zhanle hit the touchpad in 3 minutes 45.58 seconds in the men’s 400m freestyle final held in Shenzhen, China on the 19th.

Pan Zhanle, who competed fiercely with Zhang Zhanshuo (16) at 3 minutes 45.82 seconds until the very end, took first place, shortening his previous personal best of 3 minutes 46.40 seconds by 0.82 seconds.

Fan Zhanle and Zhang Zhanshuo comfortably passed the Paris Olympic standard record of 3 minutes 46.78 seconds and qualified for the Paris Olympics. 바카라사이트

Third place Fei Liwei (21) also passed the Olympic standard record with 3 minutes 45.96 seconds.

However, in accordance with the rule that ‘only a maximum of two people from each country can participate in the same event in the swimming management of the Paris Olympics’.

Fei Liwei can only board the plane to Paris if Fan Zhanle yields the right to participate in the Olympics in this event.

Fan Zhanle holds the 100m freestyle world record (46.80 seconds).

He is also internationally competitive in the 200m freestyle.

Korean swimming fans see Fan Zhanle as a rival to Hwang Sun-woo, not Kim Woo-min.

Sunwoo Hwang won a medal in the 200m freestyle at the World Championships for the third time in a row.

Korea’s leader in the 400m freestyle is Kim Woo-min, the gold medalist at the 2024 Doha World Championships.

An expert who runs an Internet page related to Chinese swimming predicted, “Fan Zhanle may hand over the right to compete in the 400m freestyle to a colleague in order to focus on the 100m, 200m, and relay events at the Paris Olympics.”

Li Bingje (22) took the top spot in the women’s 400m freestyle with a time of 4:04.03, beating Liu Yaxin (24) with a time of 4:04.88.

The two comfortably passed the Olympic standard record of 4 minutes 07.90 seconds, confirming their participation in the Paris Olympics.