Draymond has spoken about the double standard in officiating

Draymond Green (Golden State) has spoken out about the double standard in officiating.

“If I punch somebody in the face, I get disciplined,” Green said after the game, referring to the elbow he took from Austin Reeves on a breakaway in the third quarter of the Golden State-Los Angeles Lakers game on Tuesday. If I breathe on someone, they (the referees) look at flagrant fouls,” he complained.

He criticized the double standard in the officiating against him.

The incident happened in the third quarter. With 9:33 left in the third quarter, Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reeves drove to the basket. Green, who was trying to block Reeves’ layup, was struck in the face by Reeves’ left elbow. Green went down, but the officials didn’t call it. 토토사이트 If it was a hit to the face, it would have been a perfect offensive foul on Reeves. However, the slow replay shows an elbow to the face, and the situation is a bit ambiguous.

Green protested to the referees that Reeves’ elbow hit him in the face, but it was disallowed.

“Draymond Green has been disciplined in 17 games this season, including 10 technical fouls and four ejections,” according to CBS Sports.

“Green tried to challenge Reeves’ layup move, and Green was down at the time, and no foul was called. Replays showed that Reeves swung his elbow at Green, but the contact was minimal,” the outlet said.

The outlet added: “The reality is a bit more complicated. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s impossible for officials to see everything that happens near the rim. Green benefits from this situation, but it also hurts him. This is especially true now that fouls are down across the league.

“Green’s two suspensions were for a choke on Rudy Gobert and a full windup hit on Jusuf Nurkic. Both of these plays are not comparable to the play that Green is now pointing to, which is the play by Revis.

The play for which Green was suspended was completely over the “red line” set by the officials. However, it emphasized that Reeves’ 파워볼실시간 elbow contact was well within the range of what would be acceptable under normal playing conditions.

The outlet added: “The NBA office has disclosed that Green’s history of disciplinary issues affects how they evaluate his punishment with each new incident. Realistically, it would be impossible for referees not to treat Green the same way (as any other player).