Diamond Quest Game

Diamond Quest is a popular Konami poker machine available in casinos, clubs and pubs in Australia. The game has a lively theme and generous bonus rounds, so players can always come back for more. 바카라

Diamond Quest Introduction

Usually when I think of Konami, I think of video games, but Konami is actually a fairly experienced casino game developer. The company has developed dozens of large poker machines, which are popular among Australian players. Diamond Quest is just one of Konami’s pockets that offers a lot of prizes to players, as well as an attractive gaming experience.

Konami’s diamond poker machine has a classic medieval fantasy theme. There are unicorns, chicken trees and fairies. The sexuality of fantasy is the background of the game. The design of the game is quite simple, but it has some special touches. For example, the princess symbol is part of the winning combination and is activated when the 3D animation fairy appears for a prize.

Flexible Gaming

The casino operator can customize the game according to the size of the player. Diamond Quest is available on poker machines 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30. This is due to a low-medium-variable game that means that the player is learning but tends to be more general.

The bonus game is triggered when more than three diamond symbols with the wild princess symbol appear on the reel. The player has several treasure boxes locked. As they free each other, they get free games. The number of matches varies from 15 to 30. During the bonus period, all countries double, allowing players to earn money with a huge prize.