Controversy over Ronaldo’s power trip and his personality as a cameraman

Portugal’s “Carvin Desportiva” reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that “Christia Ronaldo had a ‘personality’ to his opponent’s cameraman after the cup competition.”

Ronaldo, who had a conflict with Manchester United in November last year, moved to Al Nasr in the Saudi Arabian professional league in December on the condition of a huge salary.

After the transfer, Ronaldo played 19 official games and scored 14 goals, showing his still scoring ability. He was also selected as the team captain and solidified his position in the team.

Ronaldo started in a friendly match between Celta Vigo and Al Nasr on the 18th. The match ended in a 0-5 defeat by al – nasr.

“European football has fallen a lot in quality,” Ronaldo told Portuguese media shortly after the match. However, the Premier League is the only league that is much better than all other leagues, he said. “The movement of the American League?” “No. The Saudi Arabian league is better than MLS,” he said, praising Saudi Arabia’s soccer level as high.

The scandal, which was getting worse day by day, remained. Ronaldo sparked controversy over his personality again in a friendly match between Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab at the Arivia Champions Cup on the 29th.

Both teams ended the match with a 0-0 draw without scoring a goal. Ronaldo, who came on as a substitute in the 27th minute of the second half, scored a goal but was canceled due to offside. The problem is the personality shown after the game.

“Ronaldo refused after the game when Cameron shot him on the sideline,” said Kevin Desportiva. “I sprayed water on my opponent to clean up the camera,” he said.

Earlier, Ronaldo was embroiled in a controversy over his personality with nervous gestures made to the game staff and children. In the end, he proved the reality of the pine nut once again by spraying water on the cameraman.