Cha Jun-hwan New Programs are Masquerade and Batman

Cha Jun-hwan, the leading figure skater in Korea, has unveiled a new program to be introduced this season. The background music for the short program is the famous waltz song ‘Masquerade’, and the free skating song is from the movie ‘The Batman’.

hwan, who captivated everyone’s attention with his fancy dance moves and steps, such as the moonwalk, to a medley of dance songs by the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson in last season’s short program, is attempting a new transformation again.

In this short program, we are preparing a lively and colorful performance to ‘Waltz’, the most famous song from Russian composer Khachaturian’s ‘Masquerade Suite’.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Team: Last season it was a bit of a ‘pop’ element, but this season I wanted to try again with a more ‘classical’ element. If I get a chance later (in an event competition), I will try wearing a ‘mask’. 먹튀검증사이트

free skating, following last season’s ‘007 No Time to Die’, I once again chose movie music, this time for ‘The Batman’, which was released last year. This is the OST.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Team: I think it’s dark and has a bit of a ‘dark’ feel to it. I’ve never tried a program this dark before, so I thought it might be fun. (If you just look at the costume), you’ll probably think it’s ‘Batman.’]

Cha Jun-hwan, who placed 4-turn jumps 3 times last season, 1 time in the short and 2 times in the free, will jump 2 times in the short and 3 times in the free in the new season. Number of times, increase to a total of 5 times.

We aim to surpass the personal high score of 296.03 points achieved at the World Championships last March and break through the ‘dream 300 points’, which only 4 people in figure skating history have achieved.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National figure skating team: I think the programs have been ‘upgraded’ a bit more this season, so I think we’ll get better results if I show performance that I can be satisfied with.