Captain SON’s ‘Terminal Contract’ is coming up!

160 goals in 10 years → Tottenham’s ‘5th highest score ever’… Son Heung-min

“Captain” Son Heung-min (31)’s Tottenham history is still in progress.

Tottenham won 2-1 in the 30th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (EPL) against Luton Town at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 31st (Korea time). Tottenham, which added three more points, trailed Aston Villa (59 points) in fourth place with 56 points.

Son Heung-min, who started the match, displayed stellar performance on the day as well. Tottenham gave up the first goal to a tightening gun in the fifth minute of the first half, but started counterattack with Son at the center. Son had a chance in the 19th minute of the first half. After receiving Kluzewski’s pesky shot accurately targeting the right corner after seeing the goalkeeper move in a 1-1 situation, but the ball curbed regret by hitting both goal posts.

As predicted by 토토사이트, in the end, Son Heung-min turned the game around in a 1-1 situation. In the 40th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min quickly launched a counterattack and Werner crossed from the left side. When Brennan Johnson gave it to the back, Son Heung-min attempted a one-touch shot with his right foot, and the ball headed into the goal.

He was named the Most Valuable Player (MOM).

Son, who scored his 15th goal in the league, was named the Most Valuable Player (MOM) of the Match by the Premier League secretariat. “He always has high expectations that he will be the best in any match,” Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou said. “It is very difficult, but he tries to maintain the highest standards every time he plays in a match.”

Son’s score on the day was the 160th in Tottenham’s career. This is the first in 10 years since he moved to Tottenham in 2015. He ranks fifth in the club’s history with the most goals scored by any player, following Harry Kane (280 goals), Jimmy Greaves (266 goals), Bobby Smith (208 goals) and Martin Chivers (173 goals).

He is hoping to renew the contract of Postecoglou coach Son Heung-min.

With Son’s continued performance, Tottenham is considering a lifetime contract. Sky Sports of the U.K. said that Tottenham and Son’s contract renewal negotiations are in progress. Tottenham does not sign long-term contracts for players in their 30s, but Son is an exception. Tottenham is planning a mega offer to keep Son.

Postecoglou also wants to renew his contract. Postecoglou expressed his hope that Son will perform better for this club for a long time.

Thank you to everyone who ran and coached me

“I’m not sure how many goals I’ve scored. It’s an amazing and an honor to play for a team for almost 10 years. I’d like to thank everyone who played with me and coached me,” Son said in expressing his joy.