Korean Origin approves Japan’s Sumire as a guest knight…

Japan’s national go prodigy Sumire Nakamura (仲邑菫-14) has been approved to move to Korea.

The Korea Go Association held a board meeting at the Korea Go Association headquarters in Mazang-ro, Seongdong-gu on the afternoon of the 26th and passed the application for a guest article submitted by Nakamura.

As a result, Nakamura will now be able to compete in all competitions organized by KOGI without any restrictions.

However, Nakamura, who holds the Japanese women’s title, will compete in a challenge in February next year before moving to Korea and starting her official career in March.

Sumire, who first learned to play Go at the age of three under the influence of her father, Shinya Nakamura 9th dan, a professional Japanese knight, and her mother, a strong amateur player, later moved to Korea and studied at the Han Jong-jin Go Dojo from 2017 to 2019.

After studying in South Korea, Sumire became the youngest professional knight in the history of Japanese Go when she was accepted into the Japan Origin Gifted and Talented Program in April 2019 at the age of 10.

In February of this year, she won the 26th Women’s Ryugi Tournament, becoming the youngest player in Nippon Go history to win the title.

In early August, however, 카지노사이트 Nakamura made waves in both countries when she submitted an application to play for the Korean Go Team.

Nakamura is the first professional player from the Japan Go Federation, which is considered the reigning champion of modern go, to move overseas.

After receiving approval from the Korean Professional Knights Association and KOGI, Sumire will be registered as an official guest knight and is expected to face off against Kim Eun-ji (16), a 7-dan two years her senior.

Nakamura’s career record in the Nippon Kiwon is an impressive 147 wins and 82 losses at a young age, a winning percentage of 0.642.

Nakamura also registered as a foreign player for the Suncheon Bay National Garden team at the 2023 NHBank Korea Women’s Go League organized by Korea Origin, where she was an ace with a 7-2 record.

Previously, China’s Louina Yiwei, 59, the world’s strongest female grandmaster, served as a guest grandmaster for 13 years from 1999 to 2011.

Currently, Alexander Dinnerstein-Svetlana Shukshina (Russia) 3rd dan is registered as a guest knight.

The board of directors of the Korea Go Association also reported on the status of the construction of the ‘Go Dedicated Stadium’, which will begin construction next month in Uijeongbu.

In addition, Kwon Jun-soo, a professor of psychiatry at Seoul National University Hospital, Kwon Sung-ho, CEO of BnBK, and Jung Se-wook, CEO of Golden Property, were appointed as new directors. 온라인카지노