“How about a doubleheader, early in the season?” Kang Ki-won suggests to KBO…and it makes sense.

“How about a doubleheader 온라인카지노 early in the season when the players are stronger?”

NC coach Kang Myung-ho made an unusual suggestion. After the Gwangju KIA game was canceled due to rain on the 29th, he suggested that the ‘doubleheader card’ should be used earlier in the season in the future. On September 29, the KBO announced the schedule for the remaining games from September 11 to October 10.

Seven doubleheaders have been scheduled regardless of rain cancellations. With all five games already canceled on the 29th, the regular season will end on October 10th. For now, the KIA-NC game on that day will be rescheduled for October 11. Rain is also forecast for the 30th, mainly in the south.

Due to the abnormal weather, there is a second rainy season, and sudden heavy rains are frequent. In September and October, there are also typhoons. “It’s going to rain more and more in the future,” Kang said, “so why not play the doubleheader at the beginning of the season when the players are stronger.”

He believes that if the 144-game schedule is to be maintained, and if doubleheaders are necessary to minimize and overcome the rainout variable, then it would be better to schedule them earlier in the season, in April or May, to give players a chance to breathe and digest the entire season’s schedule, rather than at the end of the season when players are less fit.

Kang isn’t advocating a year-round doubleheader. Instead, he suggests that doubleheaders should be played when the weather gets hotter in June and later, and when there are canceled games in April or May. The KBO had a May doubleheader during the COVID-19 pandemic two or three years ago.

Basically, everyone in the KBO doesn’t like doubleheaders and Monday games. However, if doubleheaders are going to happen, they shouldn’t happen at the end of the season, but Kang’s suggestion of scheduling them earlier in the season makes sense.